Yummy Mango Goodness

Whew! I am BACK. Every time I leave, I feel like I'm gone for months and then I have SO much to catch up on. So rather than giving you a lengthy post full of pictures of my adorable nephews again I'll keep it simple and even add a fun drink recipe at the end.

A few things before we get to the recipe...

One: I missed this crazy kid a lot.

Isn't he handsome??? Yes... I do stare at photos of him when I'm gone & this is a fav. Don't judge me.

Two: My mom got me a package of Clif Fruit Ropes. I've been eating them non-stop since I arrived in KY. I think I've definitely achieved my 6-8 (thousand) servings of fruit for the day and it's only 2:30pm. OOPS. Thanks mom for helping me feed my obsession.

Three: We're on the hunt for a 3 bedroom spacious townhome to rent and I must confess... it is a bit of a pain! :) Mainly because I'm too cheap but I want to have a big space for my family to come visit and NOT have to get a hotel. I'm thinking about holidays with nephews and grandparents... and so I'm struggling a bit to find a balance. Anywho... the mister and I are going to view a couple tomorrow. Pray for us that we can find something that we both love or at least tolerate.

Four: Me and Jillian Michaels are about to break up if she keeps making my rear feel like it's been ran over by a semi... just sayin. It hurts to run... and run I must. If at the end of the summer I look like her, I may or may not ask her for forgiveness and continue our relationship. But for now, her name is a curse word.

Ok enough rants... onto the yummy drink recipe.

I'm going to call it Yummy Mango Goodness because that's what it is. I got the basics of this recipe from a FAV. cookbook of mine... I'll preview it later on the blog one day so you can order it bc it's fabulous. The only difference is that I left out 2 ingredients and added 2 of my own. So, it's just slightly altered.

Ingredients: 1/2 a mango, 1 banana, 1 fresh orange, 1/4 c. orange juice, 1 tbsp. of wheat bran, Ice (makes enough for two)


Step 1: Take these beautiful things...

Cut up the Mango and Banana, and juice the orange. Depending on the juiciness of the orange, I put a little more orange juice in it.

Step 3: Put this fibery goodness in it.

Step 3: Stick it all in a blender and add ice. Sorry I don't have the actual measurements for ice... I may or may not just use my hand. ;)

Then you drink and enjoy.

This drink is PERFECT for a replenishing drink after a run or it's just great for breakfast. If you want it with less fiber, just don't put as much wheat bran in it (or don't put any at all... but just for the record... fiber is important ;)). Also, you can feel free to mix and match fruits... I just really love mangos and bananas together. They make my heart happy.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy it! Happy Tuesday!

Much love.

Posted on June 28, 2011 and filed under Food.