Holy cow I actually won a give away...

Yall, it has been a FABULOUS week. Let me tell you why...

1. I finished one summer session at NC State on MONDAY... I feel extremely accomplished to finish 2 classes in 5 weeks... RELIEF. Here we go round two...

2. I started summer session 2 on Thursday. Now before you get confused, starting another session didn't necessarily contribute to my joy this week BUT starting it late in the week allowed me to have free time (zero homework) from MONDAY-THURSDAY!!!!  which also explains my lack of blogging. I've been hanging out with friends spending as much time away from a computer as possible. :) Sorry blogger friends! But I'm back and in action as you can tell... I'm on a computer during a beautiful Saturday. The only explanation is for this craziness is homework.


I may or may not have done a happy dance in the middle of Caribou Coffee when I read this:

Which means you'll be seeing me sporting this:

*Photo from The Studly Runner's Blog

This is exciting for multiple reasons. (1) I NEVER win give aways on blogs... NEVER. And I can't tell you how many I've actually participated in bc that would give away how much time I procrastinate doing actual homework, but let me just tell you... I've entered A LOT. So this makes me SUPER giddy. (2). My Ipod is going to be feeling much better. I'm pretty sure she feels abused - consistently dropped, drenched in my sweat, nasty sweaty salty finger prints all over her. So seriously... Marcia and H20 Audio, my Ipod thanks you and sends her love.

4. Another reason why this week is great... I ate cheesecake for breakfast today. Thanks Caitlin, you're helping me end my week and start my weekend right.

5. I've found a teacher who is going to let me observe their classroom this Fall!!! YES YES YES YES YES!!!!! And it's a low performing school in Durham - I couldn't be more excited! I almost cried when I found out about it... seriously soooooooooo excited. The fall is going to be great for a lot of reasons (football, half marathon, beautiful weather), but I think I am MOST excited about this.

Well, in honor of winning the give away and eating cheesecake for breakfast... I think it's time for a break from homework and a nice run in this Carolina heat... I hope you all have fabulous 4ths!

Much love.

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