There is no Arizona...

Alright folks, I'm off to prove Jamie O'Neal wrong...


That's right... I'm headed to Arizona today with my MIL to visit my SIL. It's gonna be a great girls weekend in Phoenix! :)

Also, is it just me? but I loved that song when it came out forever ago? Seriously... loved it and now when anyone mentions Arizona and I say, "But there is no Arizona..." they just look at me with a blank stare... cricket cricket... Oh well. I still love it and plan on singing it to people who mention the state.

So I'm on an airplane right now by the time this is going to be posted but I have VERY important life changing news for you today... which is why I actually preposted this blog... Get ready because...

It's COW APPRECIATION DAY at Chick Fil A!!!!!! 

That means if you dress up like a cow and eat at Chick Fil A, you get a FREE meal. HOLLA. Free food... come and get it.

Yes I did spend my yesterday morning sewing this for the mister to wear to work tomorrow.

He's going to be such a handsome cow...

 How often is it that you actually get the chance to dress up like a cow in public??? Never... except for on Cow Appreciation Day and/or Halloween. As a result, CAD (yes I did just abbreviate it) may or may not make my top 5 holidays this year... we'll see. So you should probably stop by your local Chick Fil A today for some free food. And while you're there, you either need to get their Diet Lemonade (you'll thank me later) or their Cookies and Cream milkshake (or both...). Trust me on this one.

Also, if you do decide to live on the edge... I think  you need to take a photo and send it to me... If enough of you do it, I might even be able to make a WHOLE post of photos of yall next week. Email them to:

Alright... Enjoy your weekends and I will see you on the flip side of Arizona!

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