Birthday Review

Yall... I have to tell you... married birthdays are so much fun. Give me some room to gush just a little... it's my first married bday ok? And they're fun not because it was crazy romantic or anything - but it is just a fun excuse to go out to fancy restaurant with your best friend and walk around town and smile a lot. Seriously - nothing fancy, just thoroughly enjoyable.

Ok enough with the gushing... But I have to share two important things with you.

1. YOU MUST READ THE BOOK THE HELP. Seriously. You just really need to do it. And then you need to go watch the movie... I loved it. Now, if you're one of those persons who can't stand movies based on books, well I'm sorry, you must live a very sad life. Because yes the movie doesn't fit all the details of the book into an 1 1/2 hrs... but it still does a great job of staying true to the main story line. We had a fun audience too - lots of laughing, clapping, & of course... crying. I love interactive audiences during a drama. Anyways... go see this movie. And DEFINITELY read the stinkin' book.


ps. If you have a boyfriend/husband/son/brother/male friend who doesn't want to go with you... they might regret it. The Mister said he loved the movie and it might be one of his favorites we've seen this year and he wasn't too keen on going at first. So drag him out in exchange for popcorn - that always works for me. ;)

2. The Mister also scored MAJOR brownie points on my bday gift. All you runners out there are going to love this....

Oh my goodness... what's on my wrist?

ooooooh.... is that a pretty Garmin Forerunner 610? Yes? It is? Hallelujah.

Oh so happy to track my HR, pace, mileage, and routes. SO HAPPY. Me + Garmin = Love Forever.

So yes, The hubs has enough brownie points to at least last him until Christmas - just don't tell him that. And fortunately for me - he rarely reads my blog unless it has actual substance, like an article or a rant on Human Trafficking. So I should be ok for this post.

Anyways, speaking of Human Trafficking (shameless awful transition noted), I'm going to have some good stuff for you later this week on the trafficking event I attended on Saturday. I'm still processing it so it might be a day or two, but I'll get it up here. eventually.

Much love to you all... enjoy this gorgeous pre-fall weather!


Posted on August 16, 2011 and filed under Ordinary Life.