Dear Blogosphere, I'm Sorry

Dear Blogosphere, I'm so sorry for my long leave of absence. Truly I am. I meant to only be gone a week or two and wow... a month flies by and here I am shocked at how long I've been gone. WOW. I'm sorry.

Ok, so to catch you up on my life we're going to do a whirlwind update.

1. First off, something that has been consuming a lot of our time... HOUSE HUNTING. But thankfully, the search is over...

Sorry, I deleted the address and zip... Safety first yo. :)

That's right... we've found a place, made an offer, it was accepted, and we move in TWO WEEKS. Needless to say, we're PUMPED. So as much as I would love to promise that I'll be a good little booger blogger these next few weeks, I'm going to be up to my eyeballs in boxes. So we'll see.

2. I've been to 3 weddings in the last 2 weekends. That's right... you heard me. 3 in 2. Booyah. We Salmon's enjoy a good party...

One of the weddings was in my hometown in Kentucky and that was super fun. A close friend from back home, whose family is more like actual family, got hitched. It was great because not only did I get to see her marry her best friend, I got to see all of our close family and friends. Including Nephews #1 & #2.

3. Ashley, the sister of the bride mentioned above, came to visit! That's right. She flew out to see me and the Hubs on Monday night and left last night. So we did all sorts of things like go to a Durham Bulls game, visit the beach, tour the city, eat froyo, etc.

It was fun to get to show our hometown to new eyes. Plus it's just so nice having a friend around who has known me since I was nine and still choses to be friend despite all the awkward stages I went through. Trust me, if you saw me in 8th grade, you'd be amazed that she's still my friend too.

4. I finished my first semester of grad. school at NC State! :) YES. Sadly, my second semester starts up again on Wednesday. Although I'm not necessarily looking forward to the work, I'm pumped because I'm going to be observing at a lower performing middle school in Durham this fall. Lots to learn, but I'm excited at the possible opportunities.

5. Running. My running pal and I have been starting to get into a better running pattern these past few weeks (with the exception of this week, she's out of town :(). So my legs are feeling stronger and I'm getting some more endurance. I am definitely going to be purchasing some new kicks and compression socks with some birthday $ from Momma Donald, so I'm getting pumped about that. Savannah half here we come!

6. Last but not least... MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! which was yesterday - but I've been pretending that it's my birthday month week... especially since Ashley was in town - which I took as a personal bday gift to me, not just a visit. ;) So being a birthday diva has taken up a considerable amount of blogging time this past week. My bad.

Alright, I'm going to try to be better about this whole blogging thing now that I'm back in NC for a bit. Also, now that I'll have schoolwork to procrastinate, you can definitely bet on seeing me more.

Much love to you all, I look forward to reading and catching up on your blogger lives as well!


Posted on August 13, 2011 and filed under Ordinary Life.