Snot, needles, & a few things I love.

I'm feeling very list-ish today. So I'm going to summarize my day/weekend with a list of things I love and then a few things that I don't love as much.

Love. Love. LOVE.

1. The NC State fair. Yup, I went last week but I also went last night. :) With these lovely people (excuse the poor quality photo from my phone). But seriously, nothing is better than the state fair and good friends.

Also I love fair fireworks!!! I didn't get to see them last night til we were driving away, but here's a shot from my first go around at the fair:

The fair was everything I expected it to be and more! and I especially love it in this beautiful fall weather! It's been absolutely gorgeous and I've made my "fair" share of fall foods to go with it (soups, chili, and apple cider - yes please).  Oh side note from the fair... this apple cider recipe is delicious. Check it out!

2. Divergent. I'm thoroughly enjoying this book thus far. Thanks Laura for the book suggestion! If you liked are obsessed with the Hunger Games series, than this book is definitely for you. Seriously, it's an easy laid back read but also quite intriguing. It's not life changing, but if you're looking for a simple yet enjoyable read... this book is for you!

3. HayTell.

This app for your phone will change your life. I use it all the time with The Mister and family and friends afar. It's great for when you can't text while driving, but you still need to send someone a msg. :) Or if you just like sending people msgs while your driving. Or if you're like my awesome SIL who sends me msgs of her singing/rapping in the car. Love it.  It's the new texting... without actually having to text.

4. ENGAGEMENTS. I adore engagements. And guess what, my sweet friend Emily got engaged to her handsome boyfriend this weekend! Congratulations to that fabulous couple!!!

Not loving so much:

1. Snot. The Mister and I have been dealing with snot this past week. I have snot. He has the sore throat. Together we make an awesome pair. Snot is definitely on my list this week. Yuck.

2. Trips to the Doctor's office. So today I went to the doctor for a yearly physical. Now don't get me wrong, my Dr. is fabulous... I like him a lot, he's really great, but I don't particularly enjoy visiting him.  It's rarely fun and games. But today I was expecting an easy in & out regular old physical. Nothing fancy, nothing crazy. Just in & out with a form signed saying I'm healthy. Sadly he informed me that if I wanted my form signed, I needed a couple of shots and a couple blood samples. All of this led to 5 needles and me peeing in a cup. Needless to say, it wasn't one of those in & out yearly physical sort of days. Boo.

3. Which brings me to Needles. I really am not fond of needles, but I think I've done a decent job in overcoming that fear. I no longer get sweaty or start my awkward nervous laughter as long as I know it's coming (although if you don't inform me a needle is coming at my face... ahem dentist that I no longer go to... I may or may not slide down the chair and have a panic attack). My system for overcoming this fear: I simply ask the nurse to not show me the needle and for him/her to not inform me when they're going to stick me. It works out great. No sweating, no panic, no awkward laughter, no queasiness. But even though I no longer get panic attacks, I still hate the little devils. And today I was pricked 5 x's so I'm especially not fond of them. I promised myself that I'd treat myself to ice cream as soon as we were done, but then the nurse weighed me and I saw #'s I've never seen before so ice cream was definitely not an option. I settled for cheerios.

4. Tests. I have two of them this week. So I'm not loving them so much, but I am still enjoying my classes - so that's a plus! But with that said, I must get my tush off of the blog world and start studying.

This Monday hasn't been fantastic, but I can feel it looking up already! :) I hope you enjoy this week and all that it brings (even if it's peeing in a cup and dealing with needles)!

Much love.

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