Need some Dessert Ideas???

Alright... we all know that I love sweets. I get it from my MaMa. insert Will I Am's song here:

I got it from my Mama, I got it, I got it, I g-got it. 

Sorry about that... every now and then I listen to pop/rap. Don't judge me. photo credit

You also know that I'm slightly addicted to Pinterest. So what is better than a board on Pinterest totally dedicated to desserts? Nothing... absolutely nothing. And my church gave me an excuse for one.

The folks at my church asked me to be in charge of desserts at our women's Christmas gathering. ChaChing! As soon as they asked I pictured myself standing at the door of the church accepting platter after platter of chocolatey yummy goodness, sampling them as I tell someone else where to put them. So I said yes. Obviously, this isn't how it's going to go down... but in order to get a variety in the 75-100 platters we're asking for, I made a Pinterest board.


A whole board dedicated to chocolate, icing, sugar, gooeyness... How fabulous?!?! So if you're in need of a new dessert recipe and are wanting to try something new... feel free to head on over to this board and check 'em out. Also if you happen to attend my church and I don't know it (it happens... it's a big place) and you want to make something for the ladies' Christmas event... you just holler at your girl. I'm on the hunt for volunteers! ;)

Alright, Happy Baking!

Posted on November 30, 2011 and filed under Food, Ordinary Life, Recipes.