Pupppppppy Power

Alright folks, we're in FULL puppy power mode now. It's Operation-Convince-TheMister-I-NEED-A-Puppy-For-Christmas-and-Life. I've sent him links to puppies... random pictures I've posted from Pinterest like such...

I'm having to get tricky though... if the email says anything about a puppy in the subject line, he won't open it... so I've had to get creative. ;) It's a good thing we said covenant vows and he can't leave me, or I think he might be questioning it right now.

So yeah, I've taken over his facebook wall with things like:

I mean... I'm SURE he's picked up the subtle hint by now... but I'm thinking it's probably not going to happen this year. I emailed a few close friends with a puppy poll, but the jury is still out.

Can't blame a girl for trying! Or can you? Either way,

Much puppy love,

Posted on December 8, 2011 and filed under Family, Marriage, Ordinary Life.