I have a problem: Cheesefries

It's friday friday... gotta get down on friday! - ok, sorry. Perhaps that one is over played, but I'm ok with it.

It's warm and rainy here in the RDU so we know what that means for this pansy workout girl... Hit the Gym. I don't mess with poor weather - I'm a weeny. I know. But skipping my workout isn't an option today even though it's friday, it's rainy, and the combination usually equates me ignoring my tennis shoes. But today is different. Why? I never thought you'd ask...

This morning, the Mister said that he'd let me choose which one of our gift cards to use for dinner tonight... we all know what that means: OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE - home of the most delicious cheesefries on the planet. So no skipping out on burning calories today... I'm going to need to get rid of as many as possible because just look at their nutritional value:

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Yikes!!! & Amen.

Here's the problem - I'm trying to watch my caloric intake and Outback Steakhouse has many delicious meals, but regardless of what I order... I need want the cheesefries as either my main meal an appetizer or a side. Please tell me I'm not the only one with this obsession problem.  Realistically, going to Outback and not getting the cheesefries is sacrilegious; it's just not going to happen.  So during spin class today, I made myself a deal. I could go to outback and have fries, but I just couldn't order them as my entre (Don't judge me) & I would have to swim extra laps for them after class.

So... pretty much as soon as I hopped out of the pool. I looked up healthy meals from Outback on their nutritional guide and have decided that I have to choose what to do. I'm giving myself 2 options.

Option 1: Split a small cheesefries and then get the Aussie Chicken Cobb Salad. For a total of about 1100 calories, but at least I'd be getting some green and nutrition in me!

Option 2: Get the Chicken on the Barbie and a side of cheese fries. Totally meal would be fewer calories, but not as much nutrition. It's closer to 950-1000 calories.

All in all, in order to be a faster runner, biker, swimmer, I need to lose a few lbs to get back to a healthier BMI - but I sure as heck am not going to starve myself along the way or deprive myself of life's finer gifts (like.... cheesefries). So yes... we'll see how this goes. In order to save up calories, I'm making sure to eat extremely healthy today. See... Yum:

And now at the end of this you're like... OMG, she just dedicated a whole blogpost to her sick obsession with cheesefries. And here's the thing... YES. YES I DID - And I'm unashamed. ;) Amen? Amen. I promise to write a more substantial post after I get my fry-fix. But until tonight - it really is all I can think about.

Much love,

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