A little list...

So a few weeks ago I saw this list on my friend Laura's blog & thought to myself "How fun! You should do this sometime." Well time happened and I forgot about it until now! So here you go! Enjoy:

Current Book: 

Right now, I'm taking a break reading a textbook to blog. ;)


But no worries - it isn't too bad. It's actually a fav. of mine this semester. BUT when I can sneak some time away from textbooks, I'm reading through Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum Novel Series. Mainly just with the hopes that Katherine Heigl will keep making movies off of the book series. ;)

Current Playlist:

Lately in my car I've been listening to Gavin DeGraw's latest album Sweeter on repeat. Ok and by lately, I mean that ever since it came out that CD has not left my car and hasn't received a break. I've already gotten my money's worth for sho yo.

Current Food:

I just ate at the Mister's Chick-Fil-A for lunch! And I had a Grilled Chicken Sandwich with a side of fruit and a Diet Lemonade. Amen? Amen.

Current Fav Color:

I'm awful at favorite colors, but right now I'm loving the bright turquoise & peach jewelry I'm seeing all over pinterest. Check out these beauties that my girl Caitlin pinned onto her style board:

Those colors are GORGEOUS!

Current Fav Shows:

This is easy: Person of Interest and Up All Night.

Then as always, I've been watching the Bachelor... But i have to confess - I'm not really liking it this season... AT ALL. So yeah. I'm hoping next season will be better.

Current Needs:

I need determination and perseverance to finish this degree WELL. I'm definitely getting tired and am longing for July 2012 (graduation!).

Current Celebrity Crush:

Ok... I have the Mister... no need for other men. One is PLENTY! ;)

BUT... I totally have some female celebrity crushes. This should come as no surprise to you:

Katherine Heigl and my first female celeb idol Jennifer Garner

And look, evidently they both like red purses (they're the bookends of the photo)!

photo credit

Current Indulgence:

I just finished a non-fat vanilla latte from my fav coffee shop in Raleigh: Jubala.

It's all gone. :( The thing is I'm tempted to indulge again and order another!

Current Outfit:

Ok as you can see in my photos, I'm wearing my FAV sweater from Banana Republic OUTLET. Seriously, I have this sweater in about 6 different colors. I buy 2 more each season and they have eternally been my favorite (and by eternally I mean for the past 3 years). Super comfy, great for casual wear, but you can dress it up too! I buy these for a lot of my friends for Christmas/Birthdays. Seriously.

Current Excitement:

I'm getting really excited about the Donald family vacation this summer!!! We just nailed down the dates and I'm pumped to get to spend a week with my family!

Current Mood:

Invigorated. I just got out of spin class.

Current Verse/Quote:

Our church is going through Jonah right now and I love love love this verse:

Jonah 2:8 "Those who pay regard to vain idols forsake their hope of steadfast love."

I also saw this on pinterest today and LOVED it:

Current Fav App:

My Mil & Pil just introduced me to Key Ring - which is awesome and you should download it. And then I found this great  this great app to help you be a smart consumer and help end human trafficking - Free2Work. You can check it out at www.Free2work.org


Alright that's it for me!!!! Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Much love,




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