Double Trouble.

I know... I know... it's been too long. I'd apologize but I'm not going to this time because I have an AWESOME reason for my absence. I hope you're reading this while sitting down.

This blog doesn't really have a genre, unless you count sassy-ness as a genre (which most people don't....) So... you get all sorts of things - my running escapades, general rants, sewing attempts, family trips, obsession with The Mister, etc. Basically - it's just a peek into our lives. These past few weeks I've been significantly preoccupied with something that I've wanted to share SO badly... but couldn't. Thus to blog and not share felt fake. In fact, I sat down multiple times to share a craft or a crazy tale - but at the end of each post I would just scrap it because it wasn't genuine; it felt forced.

So without further adieu I can unveil what's kept me silent & once again our friendship can be renewed.

Sit down... No seriously, have a seat. You're going to want to be sitting down.

wait for it...


We're pregnant.

That's right. Pregnant!

But the news doesn't stop there... are you still sitting down?

No? Well sit back down. Trust me again on this one...

We're pregnant... with TWO babies. TWINS. That's right. TWINS. Lord have mercy on our souls! But they just aren't any types of twins... they're identical (mono-di babies). That's right folks it's going to be crazy up in this house in the fall.

Are you shocked? Well we sure as heck were. It's a lot to swallow so we'll keep this post short. BUT in the upcoming weeks I'll share how this happened (get your mind out of the gutter) & all the juicy details of how we found out, which curse words slipped out of our mouths, and our journey from shock to excitement.

It's going to be a crazy ride yall ... but we're getting excited for it! And I'm more excited now that I can come out of the pregnancy closet! We covet your prayers for our babies... which I'm thinking of nicknaming them Parr A and Parr B due to me googling this question:

What do you call baby salmon?

Thank you Wiki Answers. I wasn't a fan of calling them Smolt A & B or Grils... No thank you. Parrs is just fine with me. Or I might just stick to the extremely creative Baby A & Baby B until we figure out the genders. You can help me with that decision later.

Anyways, this freak show is peacing out for the day. We'll fill you in with more details in the upcoming days/weeks/months. :) But for now, just know that we are in the family way, double trouble style.

Much love,

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