Momma D Comes to Town!!

Folks, what's better than a Mangofest smoothie??? Introducing Smoothie King and the Mangofest smoothie (Substitute strawberries for pineapple for optimal heavenly taste) to your mom!!! Seriously - my mom came for a quick visit and it was the BEST time ever. I am seriously regretting not taking pictures now that Momma D has left!!! :(  But it was so good to have my mom around while the Mister was gone for a conference. There are few things in this world that are more comforting than parents... Amen?? Amen. Thankfully, I was blessed with three relatively healthy days so Mom didn't have to spend her time here in a bathroom. So although we spent the majority of the time just lounging around, I tried to make sure she got to experience a few of our favorite things.

Stop #1: Smoothie King - My favorite.

It's one of the few things that I crave during this pregnancy. Of course, I was craving them pre-pregnancy as well so I don't think this one can be blamed on the Parrs... BUT at least they let me keep it down!!!

(Insert awesome photo here of mom taking her first sip of a Mangofest... Oh wait... I didn't take any pictures... shoot)

Stop #2: Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory - Mom's favorite.

My mom and I have a few traditions when we go shopping... depending on what mall it is. One mall that we would frequent is Opry Mills in Nashville and EVERY TIME we went there, we had to stop at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory so Mom could get a caramel apple covered in nuts. Since Opry Mills has been closed since the Nashville flood in 2010 (it just reopened recently!)... Mom hasn't been able to get an apple in a while. :( So we had to fix that on her first day back to Raleigh! :)

(Insert expressive photo of mom reuniting with her beloved caramel apple.... Oh wait... again... no picture... shoot)

Stop #3: Mall Pretzel - A shared favorite.

Mom & I made a quick trip to the mall (like seriously a quick trip... we usually get sucked in... but not this time). So another shopping tradition is that we get pretzels almost EVERY time we enter/leave a mall. I love me a good, buttery, salty soft pretzel with a side of hot cheddar for amazing dipping purposes. Mom, per the usual, skips the cheese and wonders how she gave birth to a daughter who loves processed cheddar so much. ;) Again... the babies have been kind and allowed me to keep my obsession with bland carbs and cheese. So although most other foods are off of my radar these past few months, I can still hold onto my smoothie and pretzel obsession.

(Insert disgusting photo of me stuffing my face with a pretzel and cheese... oh wait... once again... I'm a bad blogger)

Stop #4: Baby Gap - A new favorite.

Holy cow... I probably should not have walked into that store... it is a GREAT thing that we don't know the gender of these lil' Parrs or else I might have emptied our bank account while the Mister was out of town. Now... no surprise here... this is the one thing that  we did take photos of... But for real... I may or may not have already picked out some apparel so the babies would be ready for some NC State events... just look at these:

I mean seriously... I almost went into labor in that store just looking around and thinking of matching outfits... Momma D was in the same boat.

Other than that, we pretty much just lounged around. Both the Mil & Mom got to meet our small group folks on Monday night so that was super fun! and then Mom made me some homemade mashed potatoes before she left last night - Glory. It has been such a relaxing week (I love Spring BREAK!) and I am so thankful that I was able to share it with my Mom.

Isn't she so pretty??? :)

OH and how could I forget??!?!?! Mom got to see the babies on Monday! We had an ultrasound and she was able to come and hear their heartbeats and watch 'em kick one another. Here is a shot of me in the waiting room - you can see how I'm growing!!!

And here is a shot of Parr B.

Last time Parr A was showing off and Parr B was hiding... this time the roles are reversed. It's good to know that both of our babies like to show off... it keeps things nice and even.

Anyways... I was so sad to see my mom go but am getting excited because while she was here we got some important dates put on the calendar!! (1) When I'd be able to head back home to KY for a week AND (2) When she and Pa Donald are coming out to see me  again!! I can't wait til June - it's going to be a good month full of family and friends. :)

Hope you all are having a great week as well! Much love to you all!

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