Thursday... thursday... THURSDAY!

Friends, this time tomorrow I'll have jelly rubbed all over my belly and will be seeing my babies again... Pumped doesn't even begin to describe how excited we are. I'm already practicing parenting and prepping them for tomorrow by talking to them about how it's not good to flaunt their goods to the public, but flashing is acceptable for the cameras tomorrow. We'll see how cooperative they'll be... and HOPEFULLY we'll be able to have a post up by tomorrow or Friday announcing how they did. We're also hoping to bring back great news in regards to TTTS - still praying against it!

My students are very excited to find out the genders. I really need to start writing down their quotes. My favorite this week was being assaulted in the hallway by a student and having her rub my belly to try to figure out whether or not my belly button was "pooped out yet like her moms." The ESL teacher in me just smiled and responded, "No not yet, my belly button has not POPPED out yet. POPPED as in ahhhhhhh, like 'cop' and 'stop.'" She just ran off and said, "Well ok... but be sure to show it to me when it does..." Yes... I'll put that on my to do list: Show students my 'pooped' out belly button. That won't be traumatizing at all...

Also - I had something absolutely crazy, absurd, and amazing happen to me last night after my graduate class... and I wish so badly I could share it with you... but until I have my teaching license and my graduation certificate I'm keeping this hush. It's just that good and complicated. But I'll willingly tell you in person - I'm just not posting it until I'm completely finished with the program just to be respectful. All I'm saying is that as soon as I told the Mister the first thing he said was "YOU HAVE TO PUT THAT ON YOUR BLOG." and I was like... I don't know if that'd be wise until I'm done... so sorry to be mysterious... but if you see me... ASK ME ABOUT THIS or ask him. He loves telling the story...

Friends, I was planning on making a million dollars by going on New Inventors and selling a pregnancy pool float with a hole cut out for HUGE bellies... And sadly... BellyFlopz already beat me to it!!!

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I'm only a little disappointed I won't be making millions off of this. :)

And just fyi: I'll be in one of these from June 7 til the babies come. Momma Donald - Do you see this? Can you please be sure there is one of these in KY waiting for me in June so I don't have to bring the one I'm going to keep here? If not just let me know... I'll order two and will leave one at your house.  Brilliant. BRILLIANT.

Alright that's all for now! Much love,

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