Goodbye Week 17...

Today marks my last day of week 17 and I have to say... Week 17, you've been good to me! :) For real though... It's been busy and fun and I just really wanted to record these milestones...

Milestone #1: I didn't throw up AT all during week 17. If you could see me as I write this... you'd know that I'm jumping up and down and throwing things around in celebration. For real... It's happening.

Milestone #2: Food Aversions are diminishing. Something amazing happened on Monday night... I came home from work - not tired- and asked the Mister to take me to Pei Wei before small group. This is a miracle in itself because the last few weeks I haven't really wanted food in general. I'd eat it because I had to... but it all seemed a little gross to me. SO... (1) I was wanting food and (2) I ORDERED BEEF.  gasp. Yes, I know... It's been 10 weeks since I've eaten real beef (I clarified because there have been two exceptions: a grilled hot dog and mcDonald's burger... neither of which I classify as real beef). But I was SO excited that I took a picture:

But seriously... I ate ALL my rice and almost all of the meat... and I did have a few bites of the Mister's chicken. I know that sounds ridiculous that I'm so excited about eating meat again... but for real... I felt like a rockstar.

(I just realized that one of my milestones involves me eating a meal... lame... I know... but I don't even care.)

Milestone 3: Grad. School classes... DONE. Now... let me clarify... technically I have a summer class that I'm enrolled in - but it's just my student teaching/internship credits. SO NO MORE FINALS. NO MORE PAPERS. NO CLASSES. I am stinkin' done with school forever. Now I just have to finish student teaching and I will graduate in July! Amen? Amen.

Milestone 4: Week 17 allowed us to find out their gender. Sweet baby girls and I'm already obsessed.

Milestone 5: We introduced Felicity and Noel to NeedtoBreathe this past week...

It was a little loud - but our sweet girls obviously liked it. Also... not to get ALL sentimental or anything, but NeedToBreathe have been a part of a lot of our relationship milestones. The Mister took me on a date to see them and at dinner before the concert, he asked me if we could take our relationship to the next level and make it "official." Then LifeStage Films used NeedtoBreathe as the background music to our wedding video.

[vimeo w=500&h=281]

THEN the day we found out that our babies were girls... we celebrated with a NeedToBreathe concert. :) I'm a cheeseball and don't even care... I loved the serendipity that bonds us to that band. ;)

Yes... we did have to leave a little early because this mama can't stay out as late as I had hoped... and YES I felt extremely out of place pregnant at a concert... but I adored every second of it and might have even shed a tear or two because I was so excited (blame it on the pregnancy).

Milestone 6: Aunty Em got married!!!!! HOLLER. The babies were very excited for Aunt Em and LoLo.

Baby girls also enjoyed doing the wobble at the reception. ;)

So yes... Week 17 was BUSY - but it was a good one. Lots of joy and smiles - and no toilet hugging. It's really the first week that I've enjoyed being pregnant physically. I've always been thrilled to be pregnant, but I'm finally (Lord willing) moving out of the awkward and disgustingly sick phases and am able to function semi-normally again. GLORY.

Much love to you all... See you in week 18.

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