Well folks... I think it's setting in... the nesting phase! :)

I have my first shower in SIX weeks in God's country... the beautiful state of Kentucky. So I finally realized that it was probably time to register - plus where have the last four months gone??? It's weird to think how close we are to the third trimester! With twins - we're to the halfway mark! I've loved LOVED LOVED getting advice and emails from mama's with twins - especially those with mono-di babies! It's amazing because it has really helped me to develop realistic expectations but at the same realize that all of these mamas ended up with healthy happy babies! Their journeys were each so very different but all of them are happily surviving the joys of mothering twins. It's been really encouraging to know that although our birthing experience could look different from most births, that's ok! Different isn't bad - it's just different! It's also been encouraging to hear about the mono-di mamas who carried until 36+ weeks! That has been my prayer this week, that the Lord will allow us to make it to 35/36 weeks.

It's also been helpful to develop a timeline for prepping for the babies to come home - most of the mamas of mono-di's that i know have ALL suggested to get the nursery/nesting done as soon as possible (a) because mid-way through the 3rd trimester I'm going to be an exhausted, uncomfortable blimp in a pool with my cankles elevated or (b) you  just never know when these little girls are going to make their appearance once we hit that 24 week mark. So this week, yes... during finals week... I've been knocking out the planning phase for the girls and I feel good about the progress we've made!

Friends in the RDU area - first off - you NEED to know about this sale. The Babies R Us off of Capital is moving and is getting RID of all of their stock. Over the next few weeks their sale is going to be getting better and better (according to their manager). I went on Wed. after a final and picked up TEN outfits and 6 hair thingamajigs for only  $30. All of it was marked down and then had an additional %40 off! Then Thursday night the Mister and I went back to pick up some furniture from our grandparents (THANK YOU!!!!!!!) and the clothing sale had already increased to %50 off. The nice manager lady told me it was only going to get better with time... So... all that to say - if you have kiddos in the RDU area... it's worth the trip. They have a lot of 12-36 mo. items as well.

So at the end of this week... we have our furniture, a rough draft registry at Babies R Us and Amazon, and I'm working on the bedding situation.  Seriously - HUGE thanks to all of the mamas out there who contributed to creating a list for what we'd need. Again, you mamas of twins have been a HUGE blessing. I plan on compiling a list of registering advice that I've received and then updating it after (way after... like months after) the twins come just so other future mamas of twins can use it as a resource.

Ahhhhh... the bedding situation. I'm seriously debating on attempting to make our own. I found an adorable bedding set at Pottery Barn Kids, but I also love the idea of making something special for them. The mister is a little worried that  won't have the time or energy to finish TWO crib bumpers, multiple sets of sheets, and two skirts... but I like the idea of the challenge. I also like that I would be contributing to the room rather than just purchasing it all. Plus, I think if I can even just conquer the bumpers - I could always purchase some matching sheets - right??? Am I crazy??? I don't know... I found some shops on Etsy that will make them for you as well... so if I get overwhelmed and only finish one I could have a back up plan.  Thoughts?

Here are the photos for my inspiration for the room. I got them via Pinterest or Etsy - all photo credits can be found on the links on my Pinterest Board.

This first one is my room inspiration photo. I love the wall color, the stripes, and the hanging fabric pom poms... and of course the pink/grey is awesome.

This lil beauty I found on Etsy at  this fun lil shop.  You can pick the colors of the butterflies to fit your room - but again... look at those grey walls with the pink. It just makes me happy.

And.... here are the fabric options that I adore if I were to make my own...

Just look at all these together.

And regardless of whether they get a whole room of it or not... I'm definitely making the girls a minky blanket like this on that I also found in another store on Etsy.

When I told you I was in full planning mode... I was NOT kidding. ;)

SOOOOOOO all that to say - these next few weeks are going to be exciting!!! I can't dive into sewing really until I finish teaching - JUNE 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! But if we do opt to go that route - I might start some small projects - like fitted crib sheets -  and just work on them an hr. or two a night - we'll see. :)

We see the babies again on Monday & I'm pumped!!! It's only been 9 days... but I'm ready to see them again. Happy weekend!

Much love to you all...

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