New Year, New Tune


Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. I know, this New Year's post is a week or so late. My b. But I've had my hands full and instead of doing the usual reflecting for 3-4 hrs at a coffee house... I've been reflecting sporadically in my spare time (aka... while nursing). This past year sure was COMPLETELY different than I had planned, so I do recognize that this post is semi-hysterical and pointless. Life happens, crazy hits, and then your goals shift/change. Although we plan, we do not know what the future holds. But there are a few overarching goals that I would like to get done regardless of what happens this year.

So I'm going to lay out some goals... but to be honest, they are merely tasks. And as I thought about most of them they had a much deeper purpose than to actually accomplish the task. In other words, the task really isn't the objective. The task is the means to a greater change within me. Get it? No, that's ok... I'm talking crazy. But I'll explain. I'll list the tasks/goals first and then I'll list my actual purpose/goal.

  1. Read the Bible in a year - I didn't finish last year... so we're starting all over again. :)  (and I'm using THIS TOOL if you're interested).
  2. Run two half marathons, not for pr but for the sake of running.
  3. Not be SOOOO busy and invest more in the people God has placed in our immediate circle.
  4.  Learn how to better balance being both a wife & mom.

That's it. Only four goals. But these are only the outward tasks of hopefully inward change. My real goals are...

  1. Learn to LOVE the discipline of reading the Bible consistently. Both the New Testament and the Old. I want to have a hunger for Scripture and one day, I want to have digested so much Scripture that it just spews out from me into my life.
  2. Learn to LOVE running again for the sake of running... not to "be somebody" or to be the "fastest." I want to love running again so that it is a discipline that I enjoy.
  3. Learn to LOVE the people God places in my life. I cannot do this well if I am spread too thin.
  4. Learn how to LOVE my new roles. Learn how to LOVE the Mister and the girls well during this new season. The way I loved the Mister before needs to change, adjust, mold as we take on this new journey of parenthood.

Notice the trend? I want to love more. I want to love His Scriptures, running, my community, and my family better. It's not that I want to get "better" at things... I want to actually be bursting with love. I want His love to overflow into my spheres of influence. And when that love comes, I think that's when I'll see longterm change. And really, only #2 is one that can be changed by circumstances. All other goals should be carried on regardless of what the year brings...

Anyways, just a few things to jot down for this journey. Would love to hear some of yours!

2012, you were cray cray... and to be honest 2013, I'm hoping you're a bit more chill... Here's to new goals and lots of LOVE in 2013!

Much LOVE,

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Posted on January 9, 2013 and filed under Ordinary Life.