5 months - For my girls


Well my babies are officially 5 months old as of last week... I'd ask you where the time has gone, but that's a silly question. I seem to ask it a lot these days, but truly, I know where it's gone, where it is going, and I'm dreading it flying by. Life is officially moving too fast... BUT enough with the hormonal nonsense... my babies are 5 months old & that's what this post is about. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Oh my baby girls, this has been an eventful few months. I'm trying to document all the little details before they pass me by and I forget them. If I could capture every moment I would... I love you this much.  Here are few of your mile markers for this month...

Weight: You are both FINALLY in the double digits. 5 months old and weighing over 10 lbs!!!! Noel, you weigh 10 lbs 15 oz and Felicity, you weigh 10 lbs 9 oz.

Size clothing: You're still in 0-3 months. You still wear some newborn clothes but you're outgrowing a lot of those.  You might be tiny, but you're growing and you're strong. You're making your mama proud. ;)

Sleep: Glory, Hallelujah, Amen! I am getting some sleep. I'm pretty sure that was your Christmas gift to me. You both are catching on to sleep training and are sleeping at night now. We cut out the middle of the night feeding around Christmas time and you're finally getting the hang of it. ;) Noel, you still flip over sometimes at night in your sleep, but you're pretty chill about the whole thing when you flip on accident (when you flip on purpose... that's a whole different story). And Felicity, you have no problem letting me know when you want your paci... but again, I can't complain, I'm getting sleep again. Best Christmas gift you could ever give me.

Food: You eat... a lot. It's a wonder you're so small with as much as you eat. I still nurse you both during the day, and we do bottles at night before bed and right when you wake up. Your daddy takes the morning shift to let me sleep a bit longer. He's a good man, one day try to find one just like him... ok? ;)

IMG_1288b&wPersonalities: Oh now this has been fun to watch. Felicity, you are our social butterfly. When we have you out and about there is no way on earth you're going to sleep through anything; you don't want to miss a thing. You prefer to be held and do NOT like it when we put you down. You are our sensitive little sweet heart. You startle easily and get frightened when we leave you alone.  Some of our favorite moments with you are when you're smiling and chatting at night and in the mornings. Your little smile absolutely melts my soul.

Noel, you are our chill baby. We can take you just about anywhere and you'll fall asleep in your carrier. Although you like to be held, you also do pretty good by yourself. You love to watch your elephant mobile go round and round, and you've really started kicking a lot more. But watch out, you have a nasty temper and when you don't want to be put down you flip over on your back and wail. You really like to move around... A LOT... and are really kicking those legs more and trying to stand.


I love holding you up and helping you stand on your legs on my lap while you just smile. Your sweet smile absolutely melts our hearts. When we kiss you on the lips you stick out your tongue and your daddy and I laugh... Needless to say... we kiss you a lot.

You're both starting to coooo and ahhhh at us. Felicity you started "talking" first. On Christmas evening you spent about 15-20 minutes finding your voice for the first time and your dad and I about died from cuteness. Noel, you talk as well, but you started about a week after your sister. Felicity you seem to be the more verbal baby, and Noel you seem to be more of the mover/jumper. We'll see how it pans out over then next few months. You both love bath time and you both usually boycot naptime for at least 10-20 minutes before you finally fall asleep. You are also serious huge pains in the rear during the 6pm-9pm. That is definitely your fussy time... But I love you anyways. :)

One last thing for the record, you both have eyes for your mommy... we'll be in a room with other folks holding you and when I speak you both turn your heads to find me. Gets me every time. :)

I don't want to forget: Sometimes when we travel I keep you in the same pack n play or crib. Well, one night when we were at Grammy & Papaw's, Felicity, you wiggled your way over to Noel (which is what you usually do...) and you had your head against hers. Now, that is just sweet... but what really made the moment is when we went into check on you later you were screaming bloody murder right in Noel's ear and she just slept right through it. Your wailing and wiggling didn't bother her one bit. It... Was... Amazing.

I also don't want to forget that moment when the doctor told me you were both over 10lbs. I was so elated...

Your baby sneezes are going away. :( It was one of our favorite things... You would sneeze once or twice and then the last sneeze would be a combination of a sneeze/sigh/yell/grunt. It was amazing. You still surprise us with one every now and then... but it's disappearing... and I never want to forget that noise.

Picture 4Traveling: Babies this past month has been a big one for you. We took you on your first airplane ride to see Grammy and Papaw... you were pretty good. Your Papaw flew out to help me get you there and back (he was in heaven btw). We had our moments, but over all you were great. We also took you on your first LONG road trip to Nashville, TN. You didn't stay in TN for too long before Papaw and Grammy came and got you for your first overnight visit away from me. I only cried a little while and you enjoyed your first few breaths of independence... :) Don't get too used to it yet. All that to say, you visited 3 different states and conquered your first airplane ride and road trip. Well done babies, well done.

These are just a few things I don't want to forget... but the main point is, you will always and forever be our girls and we love you more than words can express. (& there is nothing you can do to change that... ever.)

You are loved.

Your mom,

Picture 3