That weekend at the pool...

Yall, it's here. It's finally here!!!! GOOD WEATHER.

Glory. Hallelujah. and AMEN.

So last Friday, the Mister's grandparents and Mil were in Raleigh for a doctor appointment and we grabbed lunch at Chick Fil A (duh.). While enjoying my fav. fast food restaurant food ever, Mil and I were talking about their pool and how the Mister's brother, Uncle Dubs and his girlfriend (I have to work on a nickname for her for the blog) were hanging out at the pool having fun that weekend. So me, being the shy person I am, invited myself (and my two babies) along for the fun. Hello, these white legs needed to see the daylight... Although Mil may or may not have wanted to see anymore of her DIL, she definitely jumped at the opportunity to have her two g-babies at her house for the weekend. So the adventure began.

 I hopped in my super fly minivan and raced home to attempt to pack for the 3 of us (as quickly as you can pack up things for a weekend trip with 2 eight month old babies). Yet when I arrived at my house I was greeted by a visitor who set us back a few hours.


Yup, that's right. That thing was WAITING for me on my front door step when I got home. NOT. OK.

So here I am, with two babies to take in... and a snake guarding the front door. Um... I think I'll just stay in the minivan and call my husband. Oh wait... he didn't answer. So then I called both my dad and my pil. Which seeing as neither live in Raleigh - isn't exactly helpful, but still. They both had great suggestions and assured me it was just a black snake (after I sent pictures from the safety of my minivan) and to just "chase it away." As if I was going to get close enough to scare it...

Long story short... the Mister's Granddaddy, Mog (gma), and Mil were on their way here... so after a few attempts to scare the snake away with a shovel, I opted to just wait until Granddaddy got there to take care of the snake. And I kid you not... this happened.


Yup, that's our granddaddy & MIL chasing a snake away from our neighbor's house with a shovel and Mog's crutch. Nothing like seeing that sight to make you feel like maybe, just maybe you were being a bit of a wimp. ;)

Well... all that to say... we they eventually chased the snake back into the woods... and we headed to the pool. And by headed to the pool, I mean I drove all of us to Rose Hill and got turned around on the way. Seriously... I've only been there a billion times... and I took the wrong exit. But EVENTUALLY... we arrived... and had a great time!


(Felicity)... that smile... melts my heart.


(Noel, top right; Felicity, bottom left; Family pic: Noel left, Felicity right)

It really was a great weekend! And it ended with a bang too - literally. As we were getting ready to leave I ran full force into a screened door on my way outside... Yup. I might have busted the door up a bit... Whoopsies. And if my in laws ever had doubt about how graceful I am... I think this event might have sealed the deal. My b yall, My b. At least I wasn't carrying a baby... or two.

Anyways, we had a GREAT time and are looking forward to more fun family trips to the pool! Maybe hopefully the next trip won't involve snakes and me breaking doors though... we'll see!

Much love and Happy weekend yall!

Picture 3

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