Sassy's on Etsy.

Yall. It's Here. 

The Sassy Salmon has infiltrated Etsy. 

I'm pretty excited.  

For those of you who don't know... I had been BEGGING the Mister for an embroider machine for a while... And that stinker BOUGHT me one for my birthday a few months ago! I was dreaming of the twinsies in cute appliqued shirts and monogrammed jammies... and low and behold, the mister made all my dreams come true. ;) 

And with time and a LOT of practice, I've started to make gifts for friends and family members... and now that I'm getting a lot more orders... I figured.. HEY why not open a shop! So here we are! 

Y'all... I have big dreams for this shop & over the next few months I'll be unveiling some of the "why" and the "dreams," but for now I'm asking for your help. I need help in getting my name out there! So if yall wanna go peruse through my shop & if you see something you like... 

like any of these things for example... 


Screen shot 2013-10-18 at 10.45.59 AM.png

I'd LOVE it if you'd be willing to PIN IT on pinterest, post it on facebook, or heck... better yet... BUY IT. 

Because this weekend... and this weekend only... I'm offering a %5 discount code in celebration of my store. 

Coupon Code: GrandOpening

So go on out there... check out the store & if you don't see something you love, shoot me a message on Etsy and I'll see if we can come up with a custom order. I'm still working on getting product up there. In fact today I'm working on a few holiday items (YAY!!!) and a few burp cloths and other items for BOYS.  So keep checking back for new things over the next few weeks (and of course I'll keep you up to date on here!).

This is just the beginning & I can't wait to see where the journey takes us.  100 Thank you's already to friends and family who have already supported me and for those of you who are jumping on board as well... BIG HUGS and lots of THANKS sent your way. For real. THANK YOU. 

Much love. Keep it Sassy.  

Posted on October 18, 2013 .