Goodbye Sweet Home

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Can we all just agree? Packing IS the devil. Like, an actual form of torture.  

Currently I'm surrounded by a TON of clutter and a LOT of boxes... and SOMEHOW I'm supposed to organize all this clutter into boxes... If you know me, you know that this is NOT my strong suit. I can organize the HECK out of a calendar. Give me time/concepts/spreadsheets to organize and I'll give you a color coded masterpiece. Give me a room/closet/HOUSE to organize and I'll give you the Mister's worst nightmare and current reality. :) 


(I try to remind him frequently during these days that he does indeed love me & even if he's temporarily forgotten it... I have it in writing.) 

All that to say... our house is a wreck. But we're only a few days out from MOVING and I'm pretty certain that we're gonna make it. 

Amidst the crazy I've had some sweet times reliving the memories made in our first home. After all, it's the first house we bought. It's the place we brought our babies home too. Our master bathroom is the place I found out I was pregnant. Our office was given a makeover and was the first room our girls slept in after a long hospital stay. Our kitchen has hosted friends and family members from all over.  Our dining room saw the first time Ben and I "hosted" thanksgiving at our place. Our guest bedroom is where our parents practically lived the first few months the girls were born. Our half bathroom downstairs is the one I threw up in the most when pregnant. It's the place where I pulled in driving a sedan and came back driving a minivan. The first time I stepped over the threshold of this house I was 20lbs lighter as a grad student with BIG dreams. When I step out of this house for the last time I will be leaving it as a mother, with a full heart and a different set of BIG dreams. This house, well it's seen a lot of important firsts for our little family, and although I'm excited to leave... I would be remiss if I didn't recall the sweet times these walls and I have shared together.  

Oh the change that has happened within these walls.

So here's to you our first little home... You've been good to us, just as I know you'll be good to the next family moving in. 

So as I'm packing boxes, it's like I'm picking up objects and recalling memories... only to pack them away to make new ones in a new home. And as we clear out, we're making space for new memories to be made within this special place. And I can't wait to see what our new walls hold for us. This goodbye is exciting, yet at the same time sentimental. 

Don't expect to hear too much from me these next few days... er weeks. I'm supposed to be packing now... as I type... but I had to get away for a second... 

See you on the flip side. Keep it sassy. 


Posted on October 24, 2013 .