Catch up.

I told you I'd most likely be absent these next few weeks... and well I wasn't kidding. Sorry for the absence... but I'm slowly getting back in the swing of things and wanted to catch up right quick with the blogosphere.  

Well we've moved! Kind of. We're living in the first floor of our home... waiting on carpet to be installed TODAY in the second floor. Glory. Hallelujah. & Amen. Then we're moving in tomorrow. YES. 

The past 2 weeks have been a whirlwind. We moved out of Clasara Cir. and have slept at a myriad of locations since. Kind friends & family housed us these past 2 weeks until this weekend when the first floor hardwoods were finished and we moved into the dining room.


Yes that is an air matress... covered with our closet... next to a shop vac. If this doesn't scream romantic make shift bedroom... I don't know what does.  

Alas I'm ready for these carpets... If you try to call/text me and I don't respond, no worries, I'm probably just rolling around on our new carpet, caressing the floor. So I'll be doing that the next few days... and/or moving in. I've already told sweet Mister to just leave the Christmas decor boxes out bc there's no need in decorating twice... :) YESSSSSSSSS.  

So amidst the crazy a few memorable things happened during our move and I think they're worth documenting.  

- I spilled an entire gallon of paint on the inside of my father in law's truck. Yup. I sure did. And fyi... it was chocolate brown. 

- I'm now bff with all the folks at our local Lowes. 

- The Mister poisoned himself with bleach & pine sol. 

- Our back yard hosted our first bonfire and birthday party for a dear friend. 

- We've painted, and the dad's did a LOT of work to get our house ready. Just look at these guys.  


So a lot has happened these last few weeks which has resulted in blog-neglect. BUT... I'm back. For at least this week. 

So that's whats going on in the world of Sassy.  We'll be back later this week with some before/after pics. But I at least wanted to check in and let you know that we're all still alive & well!

Much love to you all! 

Posted on November 12, 2013 .