I know I know... I'm slacking on my Truth for Tuesdays. So judge me.  

It's crazy up in these parts. I drove away from sweet Clasara Circle with the babies for one last time yesterday and now I'm setting up shop at my in-laws until we close on our new home later this week. Bless their hearts, they aren't sick of me yet. 

All that to say... it's been crazy. But let me tell you something... something really special happened amidst the cray. My daddy flew over from the beautiful state of Kentucky to spend some quality time with his daughter (& grandbabies). He was only here for a day... but man... what a day it was.  


My sweet father & I decided a few months ago that we were going to run a race together again. We did this a few years ago and I got to watch my dad cross over the finish line of his first half marathon. It was amazing... I don't know why it's taken us 3.5 years to do it again. Regardless, we decided to run a 10 miler this October (before we knew we were putting our house on the market & that it would actually sell & that we'd be closing THIS WEEK).

Alas... this last weekend, my daddy flew in on Friday and then flew back to the kentuck Sat night... And in between flights he chose to run a 10 miler with me. 

This past summer, I watched my best friend from back home say goodbye to her dad, and let me tell you... There are a lot of things from those few days that have stuck with me. But one thing is certain, I don't take these precious moments for granted. Every foot step, every mile marker, every "Run your own race Dad"... they were savored & etched upon my heart. There's just no other word for it than special. 

There's just something about dads & daughters. I already see the bond forming with my girls and the Mister... and it's indescribable. It's not a favoritism thing at all, because moms and daughters also have a special bond (as do Dads/Moms and Sons). But dads and daughters... there's just something unique about that relationship. And this weekend, I was reminded that no matter how old I get, I will always be his little girl and he will always be the first man who hung the moon in my world.  

So we ran. Side by side. In the cold (the coldest temperature this race has ever seen to be precise). Accomplishing ONE goal... we ran together. I got to run beside my dad as he accomplished a PR. And those moments, these memories, no one can steal that from me.    

Daddy .jpg

I could tell you stories from our chilly run... and oh I will one day when I have time to (Dad you are NOT off the hook yet... I will share with the blogosphere about your slight pacing issue). But in the meantime, in the crazy, I'm thankful for this special man and for what a GREAT dad he is. I know I'm truly fortunate & am counting my blessings because this weekend, we made another memory that I'll treasure forever. 

Thanks Daddy.  

Much love, 

Posted on October 29, 2013 .