House Selling & Pack Pride

Oh Hey there friends.  Happy Labor Day!

This weekend has been so much fun. Well actually it's been crazy. The littles and I have temporarily relocated to my inlaws while our casa is on the market. I know all you mamas out there are in agreement, trying to keep your house in tip top shape with little people around is next to impossible. And some of you are a lot cleaner than me, so yeah... We de-babied the house, vacuumed one last time, and left the Mister to fend for himself for a few days in hopes for a quick sell.  

We're still hoping & we're still at my inlaws. 

I know that for some folks, the idea of staying with their inlaws for more than 2 days gives you hives. Not me. I get excited. I lay out by the pool with the babies and eat reese's cups all day. Which puts a slight kink in my "LGFC" diet, but hey... it's totally worth it.  (Fyi: LGFC stands for Look Good For Cruise bc we're going on one in November... and I'm trying to lose those final baby lbs. Which might be reeses lbs... let's just be honest... regardless... you get the idea). 

All that to say... the babes and I are making messes at my inlaw's & straight chillin there these past few days.

Something else SUPER exciting happened this weekend...


Our Wolfpack pulled in their first W of the season and the babies had their first tailgate of the year. And... I'd like to say that they were perfect angels... but they may or may not have been teething a bit. And they definitely were a leeeettle needy. You know those moments when you have an idea of how something is going to go and then it turns out exactly OPPOSITE?? Yesterday was a good example of that in my life.  

When I thought of the tailgate, I thought of smiling babies being passed around... Babies playing blissfully in their play area... Staying all four quarters with happy children cheering on our team... And perfect naps during down time. BAHAHAHAHAHA. It kind of happened that way... but not really at all. We didn't plan on hanging out in the play area with them...


Noel was teething and running a fever, and they both were just a little funky. So we stayed for the first quarter and then took the girls to nap during the rest of the game. It was still a lot of fun... just not the perfect ideal I had imagined. I'm quickly learning that as a mom, this is life in a nutshell. It rarely happens the way you plan it & flexibility is key. I'm also learning that not everyone can be the mom with perfect kids. Some days you're just going to be that mom with the screaming kids who give the word DIVA a whole new meaning. And you don't love your kids any more or less. It just is what it is!  All you can do shake your head, pop in another reese's cup, and keep on trucking. That's what we did yesterday. And overall, it was a really good day! It was just blatantly obvious that my children were in a funk.  We all have those days... when at the end of the day you give your spouse a high five, collapse on the bed, and say WE SURVIVED. Well, I went home with my in laws so that didn't happen... but you get the idea. 

Alright yall, I hope you have a FABULOUS Labor Day tomorrow. The babes and I will be straight chilling at the lake with The Mister and inlaws! Much love!

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