Space: A brief blogging break.

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I think I need to take a little space. 

For those of you who don't know, my identity was hacked via facebook the other night. A person stole photos of my husband and children, created a facebook profile, and pretended to be me.

NOT ok. 

They joined Preemie groups, mothers of multiples groups, and they interacted with other people in disguise, using my name.


They created stories using photos of my children. 

NOT ok. 

They posted a picture of my husband on Christmas of LAST year and pretended it was this year. 

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NOT ok. 

They posted this picture of my girls and altered their names. 

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ABSOLUTELY NOT OK. I'm not even going to talk about how they changed Noel's name to Genevieve... I can't. 

Honestly I feel vulnerable and violated. And I'm going to need some time to pray through what my social media involvement looks like.

It's really sad because I LOVE how women can connect through blogging and facebook. I read blogs of women I've never met before and yet I feel like they're family to me. Their words minister to my soul in ways that can only be done through the written word. So I hate that one selfish, dishonest person is causing me to question all of it.

I'm not saying that this is it and that I'm never blogging again.

All I'm saying is that I need some time to figure out the safest way to engage in social media without putting my family at risk. So I might take a week or two... or a month or two... I'm honestly not sure. But what I do know is that this incident scared me & I need time to process what our online presence will look like in the future. 

For now, my instagram is private and I'm cleaning up my friends list on FB, as well as strengthening security. So I'll still be interacting on there... for now... but the blog is pretty open out here on the WWW so I'm just hitting the pause button for a bit. 

Thanks to those of you who love on me (and our family) via the blogging world. Your kind words have ministered to my soul more than I'll ever be able to articulate. Thank you. 

I'll still be reading up on blogs to keep up with my beloved blogging community (so I'm not COMPLETELY disappearing!) and will hopefully see you on the flip side once I figure all of this out.  

Much love,

Posted on January 2, 2014 .