And we're live!

Hi old friends! I've missed you these past few months!

I can't even start to catch you up... so I'm not even going to try... but I have some exciting news. 

We're back. We're new. And we're improved. 

(Whatchya think about the makeover?! Feel free to explore and let me know if you find any glitches in the new site!) 

I'm still working on watermarking the HUNDREDS of photos on previous blogposts (I'm still bitter... if you couldn't tell). But what you need to know is that I haven't given up blogging yet. I'm just trying to be more careful... and smarter. So from now on... when you see a photo on the blog that has my children, friends, & family in it... or a weird shot of my face like this one...


You'll see some writing smacked on it that says "The Sassy Salmon."

It's not because I love the name of our blog... or because I just really LOVE watermarking. It's because I don't want crazies stealing photos of things that I love and making up false stories with their lives. So when it comes to pictures of people... people are going to have words over them. It's not ideal... and at first I HATED the thought of it. But it is what it is. Safety first y'all. 

But enough about that...

 I'm pumped to be back.

I'm pumped because we have a lot of fun things coming up. Some giveaways. Some embroidery projects. Some conversations on life, God, and motherhood.

But mainly I'm pumped because I'm really happy to be back with you. I missed writing... and I missed my blogging community & the conversations we share. So welcome back to The Sassy Salmon... we'll be back soon with some updates and of course pics of the twinsies. :)  

Chat with you soon!

Posted on February 20, 2014 .