A day in the life: Errands and Kindness

One thing I love about having kids... It forces you to be open to the kindness of others. I cannot recount the many times strangers have helped us out in public when it was just me & the girls. Prior to the babies I would have been MORTIFIED at needing such assistance, but over the past few months I've started counting it a great joy and honor to receive such kindness.  

Today we were on a mass errand run, in & out of the car all morning long... Our last stop before naps was the post office & the girls were hot messes. Y'all...  Use your imagination. Twin screaming toddlers in a double stroller... Angry at life... Surrounded by a dozen Sassy Salmon Shipments. I would've taken a picture... but again... we were in meltdown/survival mode.  So the three of us and our BILLION boxes made a grand entrance into our local USPS. And by grand... I mean you should've seen the look on everyone's face as we pranced/screamed through those doors. PRICELESS. I think we actually gave one guy heartburn - he literally saw us and started popping tums. 

Yes, when your kids are a wreck in public... You're mortified... But today I didn't care. I had to get things done. So I didn't care about the stares. I didn't mind being asked if they were twins or if I "did fertility" for the billionth time. I wasn't rude to the person who asked me if I hated my life (I'm even refraining from word-bashing him here on the blog. But come on guy... really?!).

My kids were a hot mess & I was completely fine. You know why?

Because... although those questions were indeed asked and people did stare... Kind people opened doors for me, asked me nice questions about the girls, gave out encouraging words to a frazzled mama, picked up boxes that my kids kicked off of the stroller, & overall loved on my kiddos despite the train wreck that we were. 

Bottom line: Some people were mean. BUT MOST PEOPLE WERE NICE. 

These nice folks fueled me on. They gave me life.

I had a choice today. I could get in my car and cry about my imperfect children and the few folks that obviously are of the opinion that children should NEVER be brought out in public. Or I could thank God for the people who gave kind smiles & acts of service to our little family. I could be thankful for my two bundles of joy who are growing & learning how to vocalize their wants and opinions (very well, I might add). And I could be thankful for the health and ability to get out, run a few errands, and enjoy another gorgeous day in North Carolina. 

There are days, when I go out and I don't see the kind people. I'm sure they're there, but I don't see them or maybe I'm too prideful to allow them to help. But today... I saw you and I'm so thankful. To all my mamas out there, whether you have 1 baby or 10 with you rocking your errands. ROCK ON. You're doing a great job. And to my non-mama friends, if you see one of these mamas out and about, do me a favor and SMILE at her. Smile at her kids. Offer to open the door. And if she seems put off by it... smile anyways. She's probably just had a rough day and is afraid of all the ugly she's used to receiving when out in public with active kiddos.  

I really did used to hate it when someone would offer to open the door - not because I thought it was rude, but because in my pride I wanted to do it by myself. I wanted to be able to manage to push the double stroller, carry the groceries, tend to my children, carry the packages, open my doors, get to & from my house... ALL BY MYSELF. And yes... When life requires me to do it solo... I can. But what a joy it is to be able to receive the gift of kindness from others. Because when the world is cruel & ugly... It's these acts of kindness that help remind me that although there is a lot evil in our society... There is also a GREATER good working to reconcile all things, and one day HE is coming again for His children. 

Much Love,

Posted on May 22, 2014 and filed under Family, Motherhood, Twinsies.