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Things I want to remember... 2+ years

Because time flies and you blink and all that was big and important becomes small and distant. 

I was looking back through old photos... bless it... I should never do that unless I'm prepared to ugly cry uncontrollably. But alas, I did and I was remembering the things about the girls at that stage and laughed and cried and was like... oh my gosh, how could I forget these things already?! And WHAT ARE THE THINGS THAT I DON'T REMEMBER? to which I had a mini panic attack at the thought of me not remembering EVERY LITTLE DETAIL... So here I am. Tired from potty training bootcamp... and I'm making a list of the things that I want to remember. 

It's not gonna be a fancy well written blog post bc I aint got time for that. But if I never jot these things down, I'll regret it later. So here we go...

Noel 2 years 10 months:

  • You are joyful and goofy. You just learned that you are funny and can make us laugh... and you totally use that to your benefit. Keep up the good work. You've gotten out of many spankings that way. 
  • You have a way with words and sentences. Both you and your sister were a little slow to the speaking game and y'all talked in your twin language as long as you possibly could... but you my little one started figuring out syntax and word structure quite quickly once you got started. We DIE laughing at the things you say. Our favorite of your phrases right now is your "I like..." series. We never taught you how to say "I like," but one day out of no where you said, "I yike chocyate," (which is very true) and then you started saying that for everything you see. So now, usually at least once a day you tell me that you "yike candy/cookies/cake/table/games/the y/Daddy/Chikayay (Chick Fil A)/baths/Kiki/Grammy/Papaw/GDaddy/Sissy" and whatever other random food or object that you can currently see. It's the best. The other day, a friend's mom brought in chocolate tomatoes (who know those were a thing? not me!), and she turned and asked you, "Do you like tomatoes?" And you promptly replied, "No, I yike chocolate." Touché my little one. Well played. 
  • You wink and raise your eyebrows to make us laugh... you especially like to do this to Uncle Dub. 
  • You like to kiss boo boo's. 
  • You still sleep with Po (hippo), but you're not quite as attached to him as you used to be. 
  • You are very independent and like to make your own decisions, but it takes you FOREVER to do so. Ie. You have strong opinions on WHAT color of popsicle you want, but you stand there FOREVER trying to decide and if I interrupt that process and just give you one, or coax you towards a color... glory heaven help me. Your independent and stubborn streak flares, because bless it, nobody puts this toddler in a corner. 
  • Speaking of colors, you know your colors, how to count to 10, and your ABC's. Of course, you frequently intermingle the ABC's and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star when singing them... "ABCDEFG, How I wonder what you are..." It's another fav of mine. 
  • And on the lines of singing... you LOVE to sing, and we LOVE to hear you sing. And surprisingly you and your sister have really good pitch for 2 year olds.
  • You're still the laid back one. But don't get too proud, you still have a feisty streak and can throw a mean temper tantrum. Your fuse is just longer, UNLESS you don't get your sleep... and then bless it... bless us all. You need your sleep or we ALL pay. 
  • You've stopped saying "Papi" and now say "Paci." You also usually don't call me "Baba" anymore and either call me "mama" or "Maba." Which... is entirely your dad's fault because he's been working with you on saying things correctly when I'm not looking. 
  • You LOVE people and aren't afraid of strangers AT ALL. You'll wave and talk to just about anyone at the grocery store. You especially love your sister. That makes me OH SO HAPPY to hear you ask for "Wisity."
  • You're very expressive. 

Felicity Hope 2 years 10 months

  • You are curious and sweet spirited. You are our little engineer wanting to know how everything works and what goes where. You love to figure stuff out and are SO proud when you accomplish a task. I can see it now, you will be the one most likely to color coordinate your school notes and have a planner... It's pretty adorable. 
  • Like I mentioned above, you're sweet spirited and it melts our hearts. You love to snuggle at night and if I'm not giving you enough attention you come up and put both hands on my face and turn my face towards yours and gently say, "Baba look" and smile.
  • You still say "papi" and "Baba" and I love you for it. Hold on to that baby talk as long as you'd like... (unless we get to middle school and you still have a papi... then we'll have other issues to resolve... but you get the idea). 
  •  You still sleep with doggy, but mainly because I keep putting him back in your bed at night (I have issues... i know). You go through phases when you want him, but right now, you like him but aren't too attached. 
  • But you know what you are REALLY attached to? Papis. We tried to take them all away and after 2 days of constant screaming... we finally caved and gave you back one. I mean you screamed for HOURS and wouldn't sleep. It was really quite impressive. I've read a ton of things on toddlers sleeping and almost all of it says that eventually you'll cry yourself to sleep. Nope. You proved them all wrong. On night #2 after HOURS of screaming (I think we were pushing hour #4...) we shoved a papi in your mouth and your eyes closed instantly. I wanted to scream and kiss you all at the same time. 
  • Speaking of tenacity. You are a fiery little one. Both of you were born red headed, but y'all quickly turned blonde. Yet I'm pretty sure that fiery red head is still in you. You have spunk, and sass, and when you set your mind to something, you're going to see it through. And as a result, you can throw some pretty legit temper tantrums, but in time that passion and tenacity will serve you well if you learn how to control and outlet it correctly. 
  • You're strong baby girl. You will move mountains. 
  • You are tender hearted and also love to kiss boo boo's. 
  • You love to clean and organize things. 
  • You love Mr. Hanks, a lot. Like a whole bunch. You love to give him treats and climb on him and pull his tail and roll around on him and hug him and feed him and... you get the idea. You like him a lot... and he's really good to you too. 
  • You're hesitant to people in the store, but you warm up quickly. Usually with people at the grocery store, you watch and observe them for a few seconds before you start talking to them. You're outgoing, but you usually have to assess the situation first before you just jump in. It's actually really fascinating to watch because you'll watch Noel, and sometimes you'll go along with her, but then other times you assess the situation and are like... nope. Not for me. Not gonna do that. And other times you're all in. I wouldn't classify the hesitancy as fear, rather it's more of an assessment. It'll be interesting to see this part of your personality develop. 
  • You love your friends big. You ask for "Hawee" (Holly) and for the grandparents often. I love that about you and Noel both. You also love your sister so well. When you ask for a cookie or snack, you almost always ask for two so you can give one to sissy. I can't tell you much my heart explodes whenever you do that. 
  • You love car rides and Target, and almost EVERY MORNING you say, "Baba, caw wide? Tawget?" Yes baby yes. Almost always... yes. 
  • You just discovered Mickey Mouse and are borderline obsessed. I'm not mad about it. 

You both are such a joy. People ask me all the time if I have a favorite... which COME ON PEOPLE... dumbest question ever (and we get a lot of dumb q's about having twins). And I always answer the same... Of course I do. But it changes every day and USUALLY the deciding factor is who is screaming less and let me sleep the longest. And that changes daily. So just for the record I love you both a lot and equally and... I like you both a lot and equally too. I absolutely LOVE that I can see clearly how God has gifted both of you uniquely and how He formed you both as twins, but individuals. He's given you a gift in each other, but I love that He has given you each different giftings to bless each other and the people around you. 

You won't remember these days, but I want to. I want to remember everything (thus the post). But I pray that what you do remember is the feeling that you have always been loved, adored, and cared for. You have two parents who think the world about you, who pray for you, who kiss your boo boo's and light up at your smile. And you have one parent who has serious issues and boohoos at milestones, and a sane parent who has to find the crazy parent ugly crying while digging out the papis out of the trash can and putting them in a keepsake box. Lucky for you... you have at least one normal parent. I apologize in advance for how my BIG LOVE for you will embarrass the snot out of you when your teenagers. But for real... you're loved oh so much.


#RealLife: Cheerios.

RealLife Cheerios

Right now I'm sitting in a pile of cheerios. No really. I am. I was going to clean them up but then I decided to blog instead. It's like college when I was going to write my paper but instead I ate cereal and watched entire seasons of Friends. It's procrastination at its finest, mommy blogger style. I learned this new trick of the trade from my friend Sarah. Brilliant. 

Yall. This morning was chaos.

Utter chaos.

I'm not sure what happened to my children or my dog. But I blinked and an atomic bomb went off in my house. I woke up to a clean house, but now... after rounds of picking up I'm still not quite sure what happened. 

So I started taking pictures of it to make a flipagram... because I wanted to remember this. The hilarity of it all. And I was going to post it on Instagram... bc that's what i do when technically I don't have time to blog but I want to capture something before it's lost in the abyss, aka the thousands of pics/videos stored on my phone that I never see again. But then I started writing a caption... and it was forever long. And at that point I was like... what the heck... leave the cheerios on the floor, leave the toys, put some saved Jen Hatmaker HGTV episodes in the background for some inspiration to eventually clean (one day... not today), and blog on. So here I am. 

And here's my flipagram of the morning. 

I mean. Noel picking her nose. I told her to smile... and she picked her nose. Meanwhile Felicity was literally climbing our banister. You just can't make that stuff up. And although it's hard to believe, our house was 100x's messier before round 1 & 2 of clean up.

Crazy town. 

And I wanted to capture this #reallife post because... let's all be real here, our lives aren't nearly as put together as we'd like for them to be. They aren't nearly as pretty as our instagram feeds. And there is NOTHING wrong with capturing the good. I love looking back through all our photos and remembering those great memories that are highlighted and preserved via social media. But I also think, for me, it can be really healthy to show the mess. The clutter. The child picking their nose. I need to be reminded that although it can be a real pain at times... real life and all of the chaos that comes with it can also be a joy. And MOTHERHOOD has been the greatest example of that for me.

When I was pregnant I really thought my daily schedule would look differently. I thought would calmly teach my well behaved & good natured children life skills while playing fun learning games and singing songs about Jesus. My children would not even want to watch the television. I'd have a pinterest inspired learning station instead of a play room, and my kids' favorite food would be a tie between spinach and kale! Bless my poor ignorant pre-kids heart.

Yall. I'm not saying we don't try those things from time to time (except the kale. Um no. Just never). We do try to teach them life skills. We do sing them songs about Jesus and we play fun learning games. And while that is a lot of what motherhood is, it is also spilled cheerios, having your clean house wrecked in .2345234 seconds, wiping tears, and kissing boo boos. It's telling them no AND telling them YES! It's splitting up fights and finding your kids in the weirdest places (like on top of our buffet?). It's joy in the chaos and being crazy in the calm. It's doing everyday life with little sinners, and them doing it with bigger ones. 

It's REAL life.

And when I look back on all the fun "picture perfect" moments, I also want to see a shot of spilled cheerios here and there... bc I have a feeling that one day, when my house is in order and there's no little people running around... I'm going to miss my floor being covered in chaos. 

Much love,

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Things I want to remember: 18-23 months

My husband is a weirdo when it comes to names. He's straight up rainman - I kid you not. It's weird how gifted he is in that area. I, on the other hand... well... here is an example of a conversation that has been had many times in the Salmon household...

Rainman: "I ran into Joe at the coffee shop today."

Me: "Oh that's nice! Who is Joe?"

Rainman: "Oh you know Joe." Pause...

Me: Blank Stare

Rainman: "Joe! Joe Shmoe!"

Me: Annoyed. "Who the heck is Joe Shmoe?! Do I know him? Have I met him?"

Rainman: "Of course you have! We met him last fall at ____________ [insert a myriad of random locations, because when an extrovert marries an extrovert... the possibilities for where we meet people are endless] & talked with him beside the  ______________ [insert the exact detailed location like the toilet paper aisle or outside the bathrooms at church, because again, my husband's memory is ridiculous]. Brit, remember?! He's a plumber, married to Jane, they have 3.5 kids, a dog that suffers from seizures, and they live in the green house with yellow shutters behind the Wal Mart." All of this he gleaned & retained from a 2 minute conversation of course. 

Me: Blank Stare... 

At this point, he's convinced I have dementia and I'm convinced he's the rainman. Either way, I don't worry about it too much because I'm hoping I'll forget this conversation by tomorrow.

Baby Brain is a real thing yall. And once that wears off, sleep deprivation is equally real. AND WHOEVER PROMISED 8 HRS OF CONSECUTIVE SLEEP AFTER YOUR CHILD IS SLEEP TRAINED IS A LIAR. And that post is for a later date, but for real... Sleep Training authors - I'm coming after you & your false promises. 

All that to say... 

My memory isn't as sharp as it once was (understatement of the year). And there is so much about this stage of parenting that I don't want to forget. I wish I could capture all of the joys and hardships of motherhood into one memory, but I know that there will be some little things that slip through the cracks of my mind. So I wanted to jot down a few things about our girls for me to remember (& for them to know one day!). 

So without further adieu, here are a few things from 18-23 months that I want to remember:

- Your mad dance skills. Girls, you love to dance. Your favorite song is Happy by Pharrell Williams. And whenever you hear a tune, you shake your head back and forth and shift your shoulders. Then you jump up and down, and drop it to the floor & bounce to the beat all the while smiling.  

- You're passionate little boogers (READ: You have impressive temper tantrums). You feel things deeply - and before you think of that as a bad thing - let me tell you something, it is a beautiful gift baby girls. I'm praying that as you grow, you'll learn to harness that passion and find out where exactly God will have you to use it for His kingdom. Tenacity isn't a bad thing when used correctly. But for real... this video... AHAHAHA. This was taken after you got to hold a baby duck, but had to return it to its mama. You were devastated by your loss of a new friend. 

- I love it when we have babysitters. Every time they leave they always report that you were good, but "Man are they busy! They never sat still." And it's true, unless there is food in front of you... you're not chill babies. Right now, you don't walk anywhere... you run/prance. It's hysterical. And just so you know, I'm already praying that if God blesses you with children, He will give you babies that are just as busy as you. You're welcome for that. 

- Your favorite friends are a stuffed dog and hippo, affectionately called "Doggie" & "Po"


-And speaking of doggie, you love animals! Especially dogs. Every morning we get up, you drink your bottles, and when you're done you prance on over to our breakfast nook and look out the window for the "nunny" (That's bunny for all of you who don't speak toddler).

-You're talking now, and it's adorable. Some of your favorite words are "daddy, light, more, please, thank you, no, & good girl." 

- You're picky eaters. You're on a no meat kick - although like a good Salmon, you love bacon. Weirdos. Your favorite foods are yogurt, fruit, and veggie straws. Oh and you also love "cooooookies." I have to avoid the bakery section at the grocery store because when we pass by, you two both start yelling "COOKIES PEAS! PEAS! COOKIES!!!" all the while doing sign language for "more" (which you use for more & give me that). And after seeing the video above, I assume you know what happens when we pass the cookies without getting one. haha. 

- You love to help me in the kitchen... especially if we're baking cookies. 

-Your twin language is still here, but it's starting to go away as you are learning new words. But you still fight in twin language - which makes me and your dad laugh really hard. 

- I absolutely LOVE the way you call each other "Seeeessy" (sissy). 

- You both are extremely loyal to each other. Don't get me wrong, you fight and are horrible at sharing with one another, but you also love each other. We're just starting to see that twin bond become even stronger. You really are becoming partners in crime & are starting to really play well together. If one of you is upset, the other will go get paci, doggie, or po & will bring it to calm your sister. Just this weekend at the lake, I was disciplining Felicity and she was throwing a temper tantrum so I put her at the end of the hall way, away from everyone else so she could work it out. While she was in time out, Noel went and got Doggie & brought it to Fe, and then threw herself down on the floor beside her to sympathy cry with her. Yall... we straight up lost it. And sure enough, a few seconds later both twins came toddling down the hall happy as could be. No one is going to be able to mess with your sister... unless it's you of course. And in that case... it'll be on like donkey kong. 


- Felicity, you like to tinker with things and figure out how things work. You're curious about everything and love to put things together and take them a part. You also LOVE jewelry & things that sparkle. We're convinced you'll be the girliest engineer ever. Noel, you LOVE animals so much and like to chase birds, squirrels, and bunnies around our yard. You love to dance and sing. Your daddy & I always say that you seem to have a song in your heart at all times. 

- You climb EVERYTHING. Tables, Countertops, EVERYTHING is fair game if I turn my head or decide I can take a 2 minute bathroom break. 

- And lastly, you need to know that you have a family that absolutely adores you. Your grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins... they all love you deeply. From the moment you were born and until you take your last breath, you must understand that you are so dearly loved. It is our absolute joy to be your parents, and although it isn't always easy, it is ALWAYS a privilege and source of happiness for us. 

Much love,