What exactly happens when two college friends who have twins within a year of each other get together? Well, you get 4 two year olds under 1 roof... and all the laughter, tears, and tantrums one can possibly imagine.  It was spectacular. 

No really.


I'm going to be real with you... I think we were ALL nervous about how the kids would do. One might think that having 4 two year olds in 1 house for a few days could potentially be a nightmare, but it really wasn't! Instead it was a dream; everyone was great. Sure we had snot, fights, and tears, but we also had a dance party with 4 two year olds, lots of laughter, sharing, swimming, and a whole lot of cuteness. I mean, for real... just watch this. 

It was really neat to see which twins were similar and who was drawn to who. Fe & Ava are definitely going to be feisty little friends one day, and Coop & Noel were just as cute as they could be. I mean, for real... I think Noel is going to be pretty sad tomorrow when she wakes up and realizes he's gone. 

Plus it was SO fun to see just how much all four of them have grown!!! And I can't wait to see how much growth happens between now and the next time we're together!

It really was such a joy to see the four littles together - but it was more encouraging to watch Brenna and her husband Dave be such fantastic, intentional parents. Ben & I have SO much to learn, and although 8 months difference doesn't seem like a ton, really... it was so helpful to hang with folks who were just one stage ahead. 

I remember calling Brenna to tell her that I was pregnant with twins. I was driving home from one of our earlier ultrasounds thinking to myself, "HOW IN THE HECK IS THIS POSSIBLE?" And so I picked up the phone and called my crazy friend who used to stay up late and drive around our sleepy college town just to chat. Here I was, once again, driving around talking with Brenna who had newborn twins (Which can we pause for a second: the reality that she was talking to me on the phone... with newborn twins... is a sheer miracle itself)... and we picked up right where we left off in college, except now instead of discussing boys and classes, we were discussing nursing and twin tummy. I mean, really, what are the odds that both of us would have twins? (Also fun fact: 3 people in Brenna's bridal party now have twins. I mean... seriously???? Something had to have been in the water). 

I remember that initial conversation like it was yesterday.

I can recall the exact location I dropped the twin-bomb and her honesty of the joys and hardships to come. I remember her telling me, "Oh Brittany, you're going to get so huge!" and us bursting out in laughter because it was true. Everything she said... ALL true.  And in that moment, I was just beginning to realize that God had ordained our friendship long ago for something more than just college camaraderie. He kindly gave me a friend who would walk a few steps ahead of me in the early stages, & then we could walk beside each other through this whole twin-mama thing. Because let's be honest. Sometimes you need someone with whom you can discuss c-section scars, post-partum post-twin bodies, and sleep deprivation without fearing that you're going to scare them into having their ovaries removed. 

So the past few days, we bunkered down. Sure, we went to Marbles, the pool, Chick Fil A... but what I loved most was the evenings. We bathed our tired children, put them to bed, and then we all crashed in our living room chatting about everything over bowls of ice cream until our husbands were so tired of hearing us talk that they'd fall asleep mid-conversation (or at least they pretended to).  

And as I waved goodbye to these dear friends, my heart was so full. I was so thankful that this girl, who I met when I was in high school, is still in my life today. Thankful for a great few days. Thankful that we get to walk this twin mama journey together. But mostly, SO thankful that God ordains people in every season, and sometimes, He allows some people to walk beside you in multiple seasons. 

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