The Amazing Race: Moving with Twins

Sorry for the long absence friends, but I’ve been on this thing called The Amazing Race. No… not the show on TV… (which fyi, I apply to frequently… so if anyone of you HAPPEN to know a casting producer feel free to send them my way)… but this race is called moving with twin toddlers.

No really. It's an amazing race. AND there should definitely be a metal for completion. Or a million dollars. Or at least Phil Keoghan at the end with a trip for two to somewhere tropical with people who will feed me grapes and hand me cold fruity drinks.

But no… at the end all that’s left are more boxes to unpack.

Let me give you a little picture of what packing with the twins looked like.

Lots of elmo. Lots of Veggie Tales. Lots of wine.

Put something in the box… go to get another load… return to see previously packed items out of the box, in the floor, and replaced with a twin or two.

More Elmo. More Veggie Tales. More Wine.

Switch rooms and repeat.

And that has been the last month or so of my life. Also, when deciding on a closing date, we didn't realize that the Sunday BEFORE we closed, we were registered for a half marathon. Which was a lot of fun and a whole lot of crazy! But we made it. 

We’ve been in the new place for a few weeks and most of our stuff is all put away… although my kitchen table and our guest bedroom are still a disaster. But we’re finally at a point where we’re watching a less elmo & veggie tales, and mama isn’t drinking as much wine. So we'll call it a win!

Here’s to new beginnings… and hopefully more blogging. But who am I kidding??  ;)

Much love,

Posted on April 29, 2015 .