The Week After Easter


It’s the week after Easter. All the chocolate has been eaten, empty eggs scattered across our home. Our children’s tokens from their baskets have been played with, swooned over, and then gone into the pile with their other toys. The coordinated outfits are in the laundry, hair is undone, and we’re back to “normal.” 

It's just another Tuesday. Lent is over. We awaited the celebration of the risen Lord, and then Sunday came. We worshipped, we ate, we communed with one another, and we remembered. It was a beautiful weekend.

But it’s Tuesday and now what?

On Good Friday, one of our pastors encouraged our church community to make much of the cross, to make much of Jesus.  And although it’s tempting to leave the making much of the cross to it’s dedicated season, today and every day between now and our next resurrection season, our hope and battle cry must be in the empty tomb.

The empty tomb, where death was defeated and all hope was birthed.

The empty tomb, where all that was promised for centuries came true.

The empty tomb, where the Messiah righted all wrongs.

They empty tomb, where all hurt, disappointment, struggles, death, and tears were given a purpose.

The empty tomb, where we find life giving joy amidst heartache, hope for tomorrow, the motivation to live as a CHANGED people, strength to forgive, and ultimate purpose.

The empty tomb, our a daily reminder of who our God is and what He is capable of.

You see the cross and empty tomb aren’t just for Easter. They are for our every day Tuesdays. For the days when our dirty clothes piles are large, and the dark places in our lives are even larger. They're for the days when our bellies hurt from laughing and joy fills our homes, and for when dark clouds come and make our hearts ache. Every day, may we make much of Jesus and that empty tomb. Because that empty tomb changes everything.

May the work done on the cross, those three days, and then the empty tomb be ever on our hearts and lips. Celebrate daily. Live Freely. And love deeply. 

Much love,