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And the Journey begins: #MinusOneOrphan

It's been silent around here... I know - but that's because I can't keep a secret & I knew that if I was on here I'd somehow manage to slip up and the cat would be out of the bag! Also, I've been drowning in paper work these last few months just to get to this point. SOOOOOOO... without further adieu...

No, I'm not pregnant...

but yes,



We are OVER THE MOON to announce that we've been accepted by a local adoption agency and are in the process of bringing a little one home! 

I'll be filling you in with all the details soon enough, but for now... let me do this...

Because you are awesome people and ALREADY we've been asked by many of you HOW you can help... I'm just going to be point blank honest with you. We have to raise $26,650 BEFORE we can be placed with a child. That's how domestic adoption goes with our agency. We know that is A LOT of money. I get it. Our jaws dropped too. But we BELIEVE that if God called us to adopt, He'll provide and He's going to use His people to do so. 

So we have 5 ways you can help: 

1. Straight up Donate.

 Yall... This was (still is) my BIGGEST fear when we started the adoption application process... I'm all like... WHERE IS ALL THE MONEY GOING TO COME FROM AND OH NO I CANNOT ASK PEOPLE FOR MONEY.  Ben, thankfully, is a bit calmer and has kept me grounded. God will provide. And He's going to use His people. BUT we have to be faithful in asking. So here goes nothing... We're adopting through Christian Adoption Services & they accept donations online (AND they offer tax deductibles since they are a non-profit). All you have to do is click on THIS LINK and scroll to the bottom and hit the donate tab & it'll take you to a site that looks like this:

And in the white box labeled PURPOSE, write in Ben & Brittany Salmon Adoption. This is the EASIEST way to financially support our adoption. But please, BE SURE to write our names in that box - otherwise it does not go directly towards our adoption.

(Whew. There. I did it. Done.) 

2. Shop The Sassy Salmon.

See the new tab up top (if you're on a computer)? If you're on your mobile phone, you can click here after you're done reading this. That's the new Sassy Salmon Shop. And I'm not gonna be shy about asking you to check out the shop because CHRISTMAS and BIRTHDAYS and REAL LIFE happens and you just need to buy something pretty for yourself and for others. And I love it when I shop at places where I know EXACTLY where the money is going. And at The Sassy Salmon Shop... ALL profit goes towards our adoption. EVERY CENT goes to bringing a baby home.  We're not making a buck off of this. So check out the shop...  and know that if you love our products, and you buy them, all profit will go towards giving a child a loving home. :) Also feel free to share the shop on all of your facebook walls, pinterest, instas, any and everything because word of mouth is a powerful thing.

3. Drink more coffee. 

Yeah.... you heard me. Drink more coffee. All of you coffee lovers are like "WHAT?!?!?!  I can help you adopt a child by drinking coffee?" Um, yes. And we're pumped to help you fuel your addiction.  We are THRILLED to announce that Ben and his friend Ben... (yes... that's two Ben's... you read that correctly) are roasting their own coffee to raise money to bring our baby home. Have an office that drinks a lot of coffee?? Buy a few lbs. Have friends/family members who really enjoy good coffee?? Buy a lb. for them. You can purchase it through the store if you don't live in the area. OR if you do and are willing to pick up the coffee locally, you can contact us at with your order. We're charging $20/lb. of whole bean coffee. If you need it to be ground coffee, we do take special orders. :)  

4. Attend one of our events.  

Over the next few months we'll be hosting some FUN and exciting fundraisers. I don't want to give away any spoilers - but for real - they're going to be awesome. The Salmons don't mess around when it comes to fun... and food...  & probably both will be there... so you'll want to be there too. You can help us by attending one or all of our events - and we'll be announcing them through HERE on the blog. So you can stay in touch by subscribing to our blog, or following me & Ben on twitter Also... because every mission needs a hashtag... #MinusOneOrphan is what we'll be using for our adoption.

5. Pray

I know. I saved the best for last. Y'all, money is a big deal... but prayer is even bigger. We believe that God is calling our family to adopt. We believe that God is calling our family to be an interracial family. We believe that God is going to move in mighty ways to save the child we bring into our family. And we believe that Satan will do everything within His power to stop that. He'll attack our marriage. Our family. Our future child. Our future child's birth mother. Our finances. It's game on & go time, and we cannot do this without our family of faith praying fervently for us. We're pleading with you to pray for us. 

Y'all... we're over the moon. Totally thrilled. Beyond excited to be on this journey. We'll be sharing more about our adoption story soon, but for now, we're inviting our friends and family to celebrate with us. To relish in God's goodness for providing a way for us to be adopted into God's family, and that because He first loved us, we can love others. 

Much love,



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Charles River Jackets

Well yall... It's Friday. Can I get an amen? 

I have a few more items listed in the store and wanted to show case them here... and just so you know... I love them so much that I'm seriously blogging in one of the items right now... Like quite literally. It's midnight... I'm blogging... in my newly monogrammed rain jacket. Don't judge. 

Anyways... I have not ONE but TWO jackets to show you on the blog today. HOLLER! Sadly... when it's midnight, you don't have any models to take pics of in your work... Because EVERYONE ELSE WHO IS SANE IS IN BED. So today you're just going to get awkward selfies from me. I apologize in advance for the amount of times my face appears in this blogpost. I'll put up non-selfie, more professional pics later.  But FOR REAL... I'm excited... and I didn't want to wait any longer... SO HERE WE GO. 

Our first new item is The Charles River Apparel Pack-N-Go Pullover. I released this lil teaser the other day on insta... but now it's official... here they are!!!!!

The Charles River Apparel Pack-N-Go Pullover.

Aren't they awesome? I just love Charles River Apparel. They produce great items. 

These jackets are legit. You can fold them up into the front pocket, so they are the PERFECT jacket to store in your back pack, diaper bag, purse, tailgate stash, etc. And they're just in time for spring! These are great EASTER gifts for your college student, gardener, sports enthusiast, or your dedicated baseball/soccer mom. Also, men (if there are actually ANY men that read my blog)... if you would like one of these without a girly monogram OR without a monogram at all... we can do that too. Just shoot me a personal message on the store 

Sassy friends, meet the Pack N Go Pullover... It will rock your world. 

And now...


Our next item we've seen all over Pinterest...  

AND NOW The Sassy Salmon Shop is carrying the much coveted Charles River Apparel New England Rain Jacket!

I'm super pumped about this one. LIKE REALLY REALLY EXCITED... (just felt the need to clarify just in case you couldn't tell from the fact that I'm still wearing mine. Inside. When it's not raining. At midnight). These jackets are in high demand, so if you want one... you better act now. Check with me for your size/color and I'll make sure it's not on back order! And if it is on back order... get your order in TODAY so it can get here sooner!

These jackets are wind/water-proof, & are lined with a grey mesh for air-flow circulation and taffeta nylon in sleeves. They have front vented capes for breathability and a reflective stripe accent on front & back. And they come in so many fun colors! This stylish A-line jacket is a must have this season! 

Both jackets come with the option of a Vine Monogram (the New Englander selfie) and the Circle Monogram (The Pullover selfie), and I have a WIDE VARIETY of thread colors to choose from in my ETSY store

Yall, I hope you like my newest additions as much as I do! Feel free to go on over to the SHOP today to order or PIN THEM to purchase later (I get a lot of my business from folks off of pinterest, SO YES this is a shameless request to help me spread the word by pinning items from my etsy store)! & as always... if you have any questions or need assistance, email me at

Much love and Happy Jacket Shopping!

Ps. Because I can't handle an entire blogpost having only pictures of me... taken by... well... um me... Here are the lil cutie pies... being all adorbs while the slept today (er... yesterday... er... it's too late... you know what I mean). Anywho... ENJOY!