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For the love of the FAIR.

Oh the NC State fair... how I love you. And this year was the year I finally got brave enough to take the littles out into the madness. Of course... I didn't do it solo. I called in the troops (aka grandparents). Plus I finally broke out my big girl camera... it's been awhile.. but I forgot how much I enjoyed it. I loved seeing the fair through the twinsies' eyes. So here are a few shots of our fun day! Enjoy!

Gdaddy & Kiki showing the girls their roots... 

This is what heaven is life for a child: cotton candy, popcorn, hobby horses, and people who adore them (aka give them the afore mentioned items). 

Really though, these girls love their grands. I mean... just look at them.


 Not a single one of them is right in the head. 

Felicity Hope KILLING some cotton candy with Kiki. 


Noel Joy was ALL ABOUT some Gdaddy (& popcorn of course!). 

And it wouldn't be a trip out without someone peeing their pants. Please note, when I looked at the child with the obviously soaked pants and asked, "Baby, did you go pee pee in your panties?" I got a firm, "Nope." Oh ok. I'd believe you but that massive wet spot on your pants is telling me otherwise. Alas, a quick trip to the bathroom with Kiki to dry some pants! Always an adventure!


Fe waiting in line for the Hobby Horses & then Fe with Kiki & Noel with Gdaddy. Someone was a little upset that the ride was over. 


And that night... we left the girls with the grands and had our own lil double date at the fair! Our church choir had a concert there that night... Which singing plus a fun double date with friends is just the best. And I will not tell you how much fried food I consumed, but I can tell you that most of it was smothered in processed cheese sauce. BOOM. Yes please and thank you. I also won't tell you that this wasn't our only trip to the fair. We are those people... and we're fine with it. #fortheloveofdeepfriedEVERYTHING

Much love,