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Twinsies' First Bday


I'm sure that on some level, all husbands/fathers dread their children's first bday. Not because of sentiment, but because they know their wives will go into a crazy pinterest frenzy trying to make their children's first birthdays memorable. Crafts will be attempted, sugar cookies will come out looking like a 4 year old decorated them (that did happen people...), and at the end of the day we all eventually realize that TLC will not be calling us for our very own reality tv show about partydecor/baking/crafting/anything. Oh our poor sweet husbands.

I would liked to have thought that the Mister would have been spared this form of torture... but alas, he was not.  

Confession. I may or may not have had a secret pinterest board. Yup, I kept it covert folks. I hid my bday brainstorming. Yup. It's not something I'm proud of, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do? Maybe? Ok, not really, but at least I'm confessing it here.

The point is, I wanted to have a special day where family and friends could laugh & enjoy each other's company all the while celebrating surviving the first year of twindom. And you know what? It was a fabulous day. Not because of the decor or the bagillion hours my mom and I spent on the cakes... but because we were surrounded by people that we love and adore. And at the end of the day, Loving God and Loving People are what matters most in life, so we were extremely blessed to be able to celebrate life with people we love!

A lot of yall have asked how the girls responded to their first taste of processed sugar...  Welllllll... they were a little hesitant at first, but once they got going, they loved it! 

                                                                                            Noel is in the blue tutu, Felicity is in the green. ;) 

                                                                                            Noel is in the blue tutu, Felicity is in the green. ;) 

It was SO much fun to get the watch them dig in and play.   SOOOOOO much fun!

And one more lil ditty before I peace out... I made this fun lil video on this nifty app that lets you put your instagram pics to video and then upload them to youtube or instagram. Sounds pretty cool right? Well, in honor of the girls' bday, I made this... Yall enjoy! Much love!