Things I love & You should too...

Today is a day of things I love and want you to love too... So here we go!

1. D. Renstrom. 3 songs off of Daniel Renstrom's Jesus Wants My Heart CD were released yesterday and they are GREAT!You should probably go to Itunes and buy them today. 3 songs for $2.97! Great deal...

Seriously, Go get em.

2. Ucreate. I kid you not, everyday I read this blog and am DYING to accomplish their projects (or the projects of other bloggers that they share!). Unfortunately I work fulltime, am finishing up grad. school, and am starting a dif. grad program. So channeling my super craftiness just hasn't happened... BUT there is light at the end of the tunnel! May 13th is my last day of work and then (just maybe) I'll be able to do a few of my fav projects from Ucreate:

The Bow Tutorial Pillow

The Acid Mirror Tutorial

Easter Dress Onesie (I'm DYING to try this one!)

We'll see if I can get to ANY of these... Trust me, if so... you'll be the first to know. There will definitely be a post.

3. Meet Airlie. This is someone I love who I haven't even held yet. Meet Airlie Elise Wachtel. Daughter of our sweet friends Seth & Jill (you might remember them from the baby shower a few months ago). We are SO excited for them and the newest member of their family!

Photo by the fabulous photographer Katherine Fallis of Furnished Photography.

4. Natural Body Spa in North Hills. Ok, So last night the sweet Mister gave me "a congratulations on finishing a marathon!" gift and it was an hour long full body deep tissue massage at the Natural Body Spa in North Hills. I cannot tell you how relaxed I was upon leaving. Some folks would prefer not to be touched after a marathon... NOT ME. I was like, "PLEASE, someone dig into my back and get all the knots out. Also, my legs... rub them and don't stop. Please and Thank you." It was fantastic. I now adore this place. I practically floated from the spa to the mister waiting in the car... HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.

5. Brooke Fraser. The hubs and I are going to her concert tonight and I'm pretty excited about it. Listening to her stuff all day to get ready for it... PUMPED. You should check her music out HERE.

6. The Pioneer Woman. Seriously... I have a crush on her. Here is just one reason why: Knock you Naked Brownies. She is funny, brilliant, and a darn good cook. I can't stinking wait to try these brownies... I'm slightly embarrassed to confess that I woke up thinking about when I could make them...

photo by the Pioneer Woman of course. Don't they look AMAZING?

7. Chick-fil-A. I just love them & you can find out more about WHY I love them later (muah-ha-ha-hah! I have a fun surprise). But seriously, I do. I love them.

Ok, I think that's all for today... Much love to you all.

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