When it rains...

It pours.

My stomping grounds (western KY) has been hit with some crazy rain these past few weeks and as a result some serious flooding has taken place. President Obama granted a major disaster declaration by our state governor just this past week.

According to the Newsvine.com the flooding has caused approximately 3,800 people to seek shelter. Thus far they've had to manually break a levee in Missouri in an attempt to save Cairo, a town in our area, and many of my family and friends have been sandbagging non-stop for the past few weeks!

My uncle is a photographer who lives in the Western Kentucky area and was able to get some shots of Kentucky Dam and Paducah. Here are a few of his photos. You can check out the rest of Cosby flood photos HERE:

Kentucky Dam: notice the area to the left, where they usually transport barges through the dam... completely flooded. If you haven't been to the grand city of Paducah, KY (you're missing out... seriously), you probably won't be shocked by where the water level is. But those flood walls are on a hill, and we usually have summer concerts on that hill near the river. So just imagine enough space between the flood walls and the river line for hundreds of people, a stage, and a band. Now you see it, Now you don't.

It's really crazy to be "not home" during this time! But I'm excited to be able to visit this weekend. Please join me in praying for the folks in Western KY and for the local churches that are working hard to serve their communities in this great time of need.

Much love - B

Posted on May 9, 2011 .