White Lake

Folks... I'm at the lake... White Lake to be precise and I'm going to stay planted here for the next 4 days. The Mister and I have big things planned today. 1. We slept in (no alarm) booyah.

2. We're going to read in the morning.

3. At some point we're going to eat (a couple times).

4. We're going to nap.

5. and THEN... we're going to visit his uncle's blueberry farm (no worries I didn't forget my camera).

6. I'm pretty sure after seeing all those blueberries we might nap or eat again. Whichever we're feeling.

7. Then we might play in the lake or go for a boat ride.

8. See #6.

9. AND THEN some of our friends arrive and the crazy fun White Lake weekend begins. Can't wait!

I actually love this lake and this house. Although, I've not been here a TON. It already holds a few special memories. It's not only the place where I first met the hubs whole entire family (like 3 weeks into our dating relationship), but it's where I fell in love with all of them and decided that if the hubs (boyfriend at the time) and I don't work out... I'm going for his little brother just so I can keep hanging out with his parents and sister. It's also the place where we celebrated my sister-in-law's "Bachelorette-HOLLA-you're-getting-married!" party and where I got to spend some time and get to know JULES.

All that to say - I will have pictures and posts next week reviewing the craziness and memory making that happens here. Yes, my husband may or may not have already lost the boat once - Allison, Nick, & I may or may not have practically lost it on the deck when we walked out to see NO boat... and then looked out on the horizon to see it floating away. I woke up this morning STILL laughing at that. But the mister swam out to it and brought it back... Pics will follow soon. I promise. All that to say it's gonna be a good weekend yall.

Happy Friday!

Posted on May 27, 2011 and filed under Family, Ordinary Life.