Weekend Review

Well a lot of things happened this weekend... and sadly once again... I left my camera at home. Sad day... I know. I'll get better.

Alright. First things first.


Friday I hung out with these wackos (pics from forever ago since I didn't bring my camera... DUMB):

I love love love these girls and miss seeing them on a regular basis since I've gotten hitched and switched churches. :( Seriously... If I ever started to doubt the importance of Christian community all I have to do is just look at these photos and remind myself of how much each of them pushed/es me to love Jesus more. Love them. AND fantastic news, the bright blonde on the left in the bottom picture... she got engaged on SATURDAY EVENING. Love it. Love marriage.


Saturday was packed. Ben worked. I sewed a purse (pics are coming later this week!!!). AND then we went to the Summit's Saturday evening campus to see our dear friend Mike Passaro lead worship.

photo by Rebecca Mill (she did our engagement photos and WE LOVE HER)

I totally give Mike credit for "not" setting the mister and me up... all the while making sure the mister figured out who I was... where I worked... and how he could hang out with me in a non-awkward way. Thanks Mike, we all know that the mister couldn't have done it without you. ;)

All that to say... I LOVE MIKE for many reasons other than the one mentioned above. Plus he did a wonderful job leading us in worship on Saturday. Great worship leader... check him out here and you should also probably follow him on Twitter. He's a good combo of funny, encouraging, and refreshingly not self-absorbed.

Then Sat. night after church I had a hot date with the mister. If you are ever in Raleigh and want a FANCY but fun meal, you need to get yourself over to the Angus Barn. I didn't bring my camera... but lucky for the hubs... I brought my phone that has a camera!! I mean, seriously, who breaks out their phone and snaps pictures of their date and food at a nice restaurant????


 Sorry... I promise my husband isn't uber greasy with bright red eyes... Also, I'm pretty sure my camera flash blinded at least two of the tables behind my husband. OOOPSIES.

The food was DELICIOUS and the portions were HUGE. So huge that we had enough for leftovers and a full dinner last night! Of course even though we were stuffed at bite #4, we couldn't go to the famous Angus Bar without trying a dessert. Hello Cappuccino Cheesecake...

Yes please.

The mister may or may not have rolled me out of there and made me promised to run extra this week... Ok maybe he didn't, but I definitely need to run extra this week - not because I ate more in one meal than I usually do in 3 days, but because I seriously need to up my mileage.

All that to say... Saturday I loved you, for oh so many reasons.


I love surprising family... A LOT. It's kind of a Donald side of the family thing. For example, we often show up back in KY unannounced, on our parents' doorstep at midnight with grandchildren and whatnot. Or if our family is vacationing down in the islands off of Florida's gulf... sometimes people who were "unable to make it due to work" come pouncing in at 6am to wake up siblings. It's a fun tradition... but it's getting to the point that when I come home with out my other half, my mom asks if he is actually "surprising" them.

All that to say, we decided share the love and surprise the other side of the family on Sunday for Father's Day. It was a lot of fun - and sadly... once again, I forgot my camera! But we surprised my PIL (pa-in-law) by prancing into his church that morning and plopping ourselves in the pew right in front of him. :) It was so good to see the Salmon's and spend some time with the mister's dad on Father's day. I really couldn't ask for better in-laws. They're amazing.

Welp, I think you're all caught up! This week is going to be nuts. I head to KY on Thursday to see some family and then St. Louis on Sat. to see a sweet college friend get married. Plus this is my last week of Summer Session 1 at NC State. So I'll try to get pictures of my latest sewing project and other posts up, but if not... sorry! I'll be finishing final touches to my projects before peacing out of NC for the weekend!

Much love to you all!

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