Runner's Rut

Hey yall! I just wanted to share a post that I read today that was REALLY encouraging to me. I shared a few days ago that it has been hard getting back into running. It's been pretty discouraging to go from running dozens of miles to only 2 in just a period of 6 weeks, but hey... that's life! :) I just recently came across The Studly Runner's blog and have SO SO SO enjoyed reading it! She posted a great reminder today to love and enjoy where you are in the running journey and it was exactly what I needed to hear after running a painful 2 miler this morning!

The weather was perfect, I had a running buddy (thanks Kelly!), but my legs were dragging from the first step. I seriously had to look down to make sure that someone hadn't ductaped bricks to the back of my calves and achilles tendons when I wasn't looking. I think I'm going to blame Jillian Michael for my leg muscles being sore... I used to mock those at home videos but seriously they are kicking my butt... and legs evidently!

All that to say, if you're frustrated with where you are in the running journey or any exercise journey, let me encourage you to check out her blogpost and BE ENCOURAGED! I can't remember where I read this... but I read a runner's blog the other day that stated, "It's better to get out and run just 1 mile than to sit on your couch thinking about running 5." So true! If you planned on running a fast 4 miles and ended up running a slow 2... don't sweat it too much! Just be proud that you got off the couch and moved. It might not be the progress that you wanted, but it is still progress.

So go check out The Studly Runner... She's legit.

Happy Tuesday yall... I'm hiding out in Jubala drinking their free iced latte (RT them and you can get one too!), eating a Nutella waffle, taking up more space than one person should, and putting off finishing my assignments that MUST GET DONE before I peace out of Raleigh on Thursday.

Much love. Keep on running the race.

Posted on June 21, 2011 and filed under Running.