Fall, Football, and Tailgates

It's official... Fall is here in North Carolina. No, it's still 80 degrees and feels like July but every now and then we get a glimpse of a "cool" day and what is to come. But we can't go by the weather here nor do we go by official calendar dates... No mam/sir. We go by football. So in honor of Fall making its grand appearance, I wanted to share a few of my fav. things about this fabulous season.

1. FOOOOOOOTBALL. Yes, I am pretty excited about football season being here. For starters, if you know my inlaws you know that they are probably the world's best tailgaters. So Saturday we kicked off the season with a good ole tailgate and a Win:

Worlds best tailgaters. Duh.

Tailgating gooodnessssss...

Tailgating friends...

and last but not least...


No it wasn't our best game, but we came out with a W and I'm thinking that they just needed a little warming up... right? Either way, I'm really excited about our next tailgate not only to see whether or not our Pack has improved, but because my SIL & BIL are coming up from Phoenix for the game.

2. Fall Candles. I love the smell of caramel apples, country apples, warm vanilla cookies, etc. in the fall... This year, while I was stocking up on handsoap from Bath and Body Works, I took advantage of their sale on their new fall candles.

Voila, meet Leaves and Autumn. They are beautiful additions to our new home. I have to admit, I'm really partial to Autumn because it has a slight apple flavoring to it, but Leaves has a spice scent and it also makes my heart happy. You should totally go buy some TODAY.

3. Hoodies - Can I get an Amen? Enough said there...

4. Fall Food - Can we just talk about this for a second. There is NOTHING like seasonal foods. And let's all be honest, Fall seasonal foods are the best and they are back. Last night I made a delicious peach cobbler crisp (if I do say so myself).  I kind of married The Pioneer Woman's recipe with my mom's and they produced a beautiful Peach Cobbler Crisp lovechild.

This photo was taken by The Pioneer Woman

The thing is, there just isn't anything quite like cobblers, apple pies, warm savory soups, and chili. Then combine chili with football, add a lazy afternoon,  and do all this while wearing a hoodie and have a Fallish candle burning in the background... sigh...  Fall, oh how I love you.

5. Warm cuddly blankets. All I'm saying is add this to the last few sentences of #4 and we've perfected the Fall season.

6. And last but not least (well maybe least in comparison to things like chili & football...): AMAZING Running Weather. I'm sooooo ready to not sweat out all of my bodily fluids while running. It would just be really nice to be able to go on a nice crisp run during any part of the day, whereas now I plot out my runs while looking at Weather.com. Fall weather come quickly... Football is here and you should be too.

Alright, that's it for now... Hope you're enjoying your favorite things about Fall as much as I am.

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