Da Move

Alright... this title is a bit ridiculous. But I'm in a linguistics class right now and you should know that "da" instead of "the" is a intervocalic stop also known as an interdental fricative. Wha wha?!  Yes, I did think you really need to know that. Yes I did just review my notes for my upcoming class....

Some family (cough, cough, Aunty K) have been dying to see pics of our new place so I thought I would throw a few up of moving day. Sorry, I haven't taken any pics since we've decorated the place but you at least get an idea. :)

So of course we had to start the day off right... and the best place to that in our neighborhood is:

That's right, the diner that is INSIDE of our local gas station. If you haven't eaten here yet, you're missing out (props to Mama Shirley and Jim for introducing us to this fab place). For Real.

So, Mil, Pil, the Mister & I met here for an early breakfast before the Mister and I signed our lives away and Mil & Pil went and picked up the Uhaul.

Like Mother Like Son.... That's all I'm sayin' here.

When we finished the paperwork, the hubs and I came back and Mil & Pil had almost ALL of our boxes packed up. It was ridiculous. All that was left was our furniture. If you remember, we were really trying to avoid Irene like it was our job, so we wanted to get as much done on Friday as possible. Goal Accomplished. They were AMAZING.

So we finished packing up the Uhaul and headed over to our first home to unlock everything together. :)

And we were overjoyed to be HOME. Or at least one of us was REALLY excited.

And then these people came over and helped Mil and me paint. And the other half of team Washburn (aka Team awesome... aka the lady on the right's husband), helped Pil fix a leak in our ceiling. Welcome to HOMEOWNERSHIP, here's a leak.

Yup this did happen....

But overall the leak stopped, the ceiling didn't fall a part, and the kitchen, half bath, master bed & bath ALL got painted thanks to Cor, Leslie, and Mil...

But for real, look at my Mil getting BEHIND the fridge... straight workin' it.

And yes, that is me.... sitting on a toilet & painting our half bath at the same time. Hey, my legs got tired... :)

Now before I show you the next picture, I need you to put your sunglasses on. This a before picture showing the color of our master bed and bath.... No worries, it is now a very light grey. Sadly, I don't have a pic of the new room, but you'll have to take my word on it. I don't know if I could have fallen asleep with all this crazy seafoam brightness going on.

So that's it! Pics of the decor choices will come soon, but for now that should be somewhat appeasing for some of you!

I'm off to class so I can learn more dialects to use on here.

Much love to you all.

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