1 year baby...

On Sunday, we'll complete our first year of marital bliss. So in honor of this I thought I'd get a little collage happy and document a few highlights of this past year. I'm sure I missed something HUGE... but here are a few fun things:

In 1 year...

We've moved out of our first apartment and into our first home:

We've celebrated our first holidays together:

We visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter together:

We both graduated from seminary and didn't attend the ceremony... so sorry this one is pictureless. ;)

We both switched jobs, and by we both I mean that Ben switched jobs and I now am a full time student AGAIN.

I've learned what it means to be a true State fan:

(ps. Pil, sorry for your head getting cut off... I just noticed that AFTER making the collage... shoooooooot).

We picked a church to attend together.

We increased our intake of Chick-Fil-A by at least 90%.

Look at that handsome cow...

I've learned how to not take up an entire bed. Although I'm still working on not stealing the covers and flailing.

The mister got in touch with his inner handyman (shout out to him... he just put up track lighting in our kitchen! What a stud.) and I got in touch with my domestic diva:

We also were able to watch our friends become parents, others add to their families, and others enter new phases of parenting. It's been such a joy to take part in all of these different phases in life:

The mister has learned to keep the toilet lid down (for the most part) and I've tried my best to learn how to not to shed my crazy head of hair everywhere.

And we've learned a whole bunch more about what it means to be married and laugh at ourselves... and each other... a lot. :)

On Sunday, we'll have one year down, many more to come (Lord willing). We're going to celebrate by taking a little getaway to Charleston... So I should have some fun posts when we get back.

Much love to you all!

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