1 year Hallelujah.

Ok, so as much as I would like to drool and be all sappy about our wedding and how much I loved it and how much I wish I could be at my reception dancing the night away again... I'm going to spare you... kinda.

Ok, I lied... I slipped in a few photos of the dance party. :) Now you know why I want to be there again...

Janelle, this crafty fun blogger woman, is starting to feature weddings on her blog and since I'm pretty much in love with mine... I gladly offered some details. ;)

So in honor of celebrating our 1 year (you saw the post on Thursday...), I wanted to look back on our wedding... so go check Leemaemarie out and watch our wedding video if you're bored. I know that not everyone is like me and likes to watch it 16.3 x's a day.

Posted on September 18, 2011 and filed under Marriage.