New Running Gear & Gifts!

Well I kept my promise...

I went out and bought new running shoes (insert loud applause and much thanks to Ma & Pa Donald for the bday $ to do so!). So I dragged the mister out of bed on Saturday morning to take me to the mall to Try Sports to pick out some new kicks and have them check out my stride.

I told the nice lady helping me that I've been having awful shin/achilles/ankle problems ever since Jan/Feb. when I was training for the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincy... so she stuck me on the fancy treadmill and taped my run. Turns out she said I have a serious overpronation problem... and then played back my run for me to see so I could see how far inward my feet roll inward. It was so weird to watch myself run and see the angle of my legs during impact. But it was really helpful!

So after talking to her about how I can get my legs back to healthy distance running, I ended up walking out of the store with these:

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11

I tried on a variety of brands with high support, but I've ran in brooks for the last 2 marathons and the past couple of halfs... So I stuck with what was familiar.

But that's not all I walked out with... The nice sales lady hooked me up with some shoes, sole inserts for additional support, some compression socks, and a rolly stick thing to rub my shins. Sales lady, you can thank my ma and pa later, I hope you were on commission.

You can see the new sole inserts in the top right picture (the pink things on the inside). and here are the other fun things below:

The compression socks are for support during runs until I can get my legs up and going, and then for recovery afterwards. In true fashion I feel like a 80 year old... wearing sweet compression socks to bed at night. It goes great with my nighties and the mister loves them. ;)

The rolly stick is to rub my legs with... evidently my hands just aren't good enough!

But that's not all folks...

THEN... I went to check the mail and guess what I found??!?!?!?! A package!?!? For me! from a sweet friend back home who will forever be known as Mandy P to me. :)

She saw on my blog that I had entered a giveaway for this book and was so kind to send it to me! And no, I didn't win the give away so how great is that!?! I did my long run on the treadmill on Saturday and had this bad boy propped open for inspiration and fun facts the entire time!

So thanks so much to Ma & Pa for the new kicks and gadgets that will get me running longer and faster (hopefully soon!) and thanks to Mandy P. for the great great great GREAT GREAT! gift. It absolutely made my day.

Much love to you all. The mister and I are heading back to Raleighwood today and I'll put up some pics of our fun getaway soon!

Posted on September 20, 2011 and filed under Running.