UGH! I'm a bad blogger... But thankfully I'm in good company and am not the only one having problems finding time to blog these days.

So last time we talked, you knew that the mister and I took a little vacay to Charleston. Well lucky for you, I happened to take some pics... Wanna see 'em? Yes? Good. Bc I made another collage (Surprise, surprise).

Ok so these are a few of my favorite places: High Cotton Restaurant, Waterfront Park, The Market, Rainbow Road, and of course a trip to Charleston wouldn't be complete without a carriage ride.

We found two fun little coffee shops that we DEFINITELY plan to revisit (City Lights and Kudu Coffee)

But seriously, I loved this place. They made a fantastic latte (also, both places use fair trade beans... which you know made my heart happy. booyah.)

Another thing I loved about Charleston...

The Bikes... seriously, everyone had a bike.  Add a basket to this baby and you know I'd be rocking this to the grocery store in our neighborhood. Also if you see me trucking it down 540 on one of these, don't even worry about it.

Interesting dolla bill, right? I found it appropriate given our nation's current state.

We also visited Drayton Hall which was SO SO SO much fun. I loved hearing all the fun historical facts and thought it was awesome that they're preserving this house instead of restoring it.

And of course we took lots of random self portraits and shots of each other...

psht... tourists.

But seriously, we had a great time. Lots of fun...

And the fun just keeps on rolling because this week... The Sil & Bil are in town and are staying with us after the NCSU game on Saturday

AND (drumrollllllll......)

My aunty K and kiddos are coming to town on Sunday evening and are staying with us for a few days. :)

To say that I'm pumped would be a serious understatement. I've been a little homesick this month - not a lot, but just enough to make me miss all things familiar and familial. I've also missed my Cedarville family this past month!!! Sigh - why do we all have to grow up and move away from family and friends??? It's rough being an adult...

Anyways... it'll be nice to have some Kentucky in town. I just gotta have a little bit of Kentucky every now and then, ya know?

Alright, that's enough from me. Hope you enjoyed the pics! Much love,


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