Me and the Cussing Professor

Here's the bottom line (and yes I'm giving it to you first instead of at the bottom... ironic, I know): One of my professors this semester is a nut. And I love him.

I don't know if yall are on twitter or not... but a few weeks into the semester I posted this:

So this was obviously pertaining to the same guy. A few things you should know about him to help set the stage:

a. he's a linguistic genius. Seriously, he's legit.

b. he's older (has grandkids) and wears jeans and an untucked stylish polo and flip flops to class everyday. As soon as he walked in, I knew I was going to like him.

c. he self-admittedly cusses for dramatic effect in the classroom.

d. did I mention that he's pretty smart and loves what he does?

Ok, so I think that sets the stage quite nicely for the story I'm about to tell. So me & the cussing professor had a meeting before class the other day in regards to a project I'm working on. It just so happens that after that meeting I was scheduled to present an article to our class. Anyways, me being the organizational communication major that I am, emailed my ppt. to my professor so that he could have the ppt. on his desktop rather than having that awkward 3 min. where all your classmates are staring at you bc your thumb drive is taking forever to load. Sounds like a good idea right??? Wrong.

So I get up to present and the cussing professor had already altered my background and added an applause to my intro slide. So when I got up there, he pulled up my intro. slide and introduced me. When he was finished with the intro., my ppt. started clapping at me. Funny right? :) I sarcastically stated that I sure hoped that there weren't any other adjustments to my ppt. If I only knew what was ahead...

So I'm busting out my presentation, trying to stay within the time limits and when I click on the final slide all of the sudden this happened:

That's right, noises started coming from my power point. I started laughing SO hard, pointed at the cussing professor and was like "Are you kidding me??? Are you sabotaging my presentation?!" Oh, and I turned BRIGHT red. It was quite possibly one of the most entertaining moments in my entire educational experience. I think the class didn't know quite what to do at first, but they quickly followed suit after they put 2&2 together and were dying laughing.

Anyways, I had to try to get finish that slide without laughing... and only barely managed to do so...

It was hysterical.

That is reason number 4183923612374 why I love the cussing professor. Also i think he's the only professor I've ever had that's actually made it into my twitter updates (TWICE) in a good fashion.

also, just incase you're wondering... calling him "a punk" is a compliment in this scenario. He totally punked me. That's right, I got owned by a 60+yr. old cussing professor - and I'm ok with it. Just another reason why I like him... and will do what I can to never miss a class. You never know what's going to go down in his classroom....

Much love - B

Posted on September 30, 2011 and filed under Ordinary Life.