Fall Pinterest Project

So I've been dying to get some fall decor up over the past few weeks. Thanks to Pinterest, I've seen about 100 projects I'd like to conquer. Seriously, I adore that website. Helps me store and then actually accomplish new recipes, crafts, etc. Love it.

So I've been hunting for some cute Fall ideas... and have been "pinning" them as I see cute ones...

So via Pinterest, I found this great tutorial on how to make your own fall wreath! Here's the thing though...  I've only tapped into my semi-crafty side since last Christmas and have only attempted sewing... Other things involving glue guns and random artsiness is just not me. Or at least it hasn't been me until Pinterest walked into my life.

But... I read through this tutorial and thought to myself, "Self, you can do this... I mean, it might not turn out AS pretty as this nice lady's wreath, but you can try..." So, as soon as I had talked myself into giving it a shot I went to JoAnn's and picked up my supplies.

So the next step was to take my wooden "S" and paint it bc JoAnn didn't have any pretty metal ones like I was hoping... I didn't purchase anything new bc I couldn't pick out a color... so I just used some of our left over paint at the house and took a stab at the "S."

After I left it alone to dry... I started my wreath. Now, here's the thing... the tutorial I read said to sew the burlap with a wire... I couldn't do it. I tried... and tried... and tried... it just looked hideous. So I chucked the needle and wire and just started gluing. Probably not the best method... but it worked. So I took the wreath and burlap and would glue, gather, glue, and gather, glue, and gather...

I kept that up until the whole thing was covered. Fyi, I bought a yard of burlap and cut two pieces, approx. 6 inches x 1 yard.

Then I placed the goodies I found at JoAnn's on my wreath... and was supposed to hand sew them to the burlap, but was unsuccessful in doing so.... So.... I just broke out the glue gun again.

My new rule in crafts... if all else fails... use the glue gun. Amen?

So now it was time for the "S." I actually had no clue what I was going to do with it. I tried hanging it a bunch of different ways and finally I settled on tearing out a "string" from the burlap (it's super sturdy) and tying it to one of the main branches on the back of the original wreath. And just kinda eyed it so it would hang sorta in the middle.

And voila!

Some Fall Decor!

A close up ;)

It's not perfect, but is any handmade item perfect? Definitely not if it was made by me! :)

I also added a few other fall items for the casa.

I also might have purchased some fabric to make some napkins, but those are yet to be made... I'll def. give you a peak at those once they're finished as well. Anyways, so that's my new fall decor and wreath!

Hope you're loving Fall as much as I am....

Much love - B

Posted on October 3, 2011 and filed under Ordinary Life, Things I love---, Crafty.