Bad Blogger Award

Ok, so let's just get it out there...

If there were an award for Bad Blogger... I'd sooooooo win it. I've been a bad blogger the past few months. And just in case I thought I'd let myself get away with it. I have friends who won't let me:

So... without further adieu... Let me catch you up...

1. The Cussing Professor is wearing an eye patch and bandana in class. Evidently he had eye surgery and thinks he's a pirate now. He did threaten to wear a pirate hat, but said the ones in Target were too small for his head. He's officially my favorite person with a Ph.D.

ps. I definitely snuck a picture of him with my phone... but I'm feel like there is some legal reason why I shouldn't post a pic of him on my blog without his permission.

2. MY FAMILY CAME TO VISIT!!!!!! This was pretty exciting. Especially since I was only expecting my Aunt & kiddos... My mom evidently slipped into the trunk.

We went to the beach....

We also visited the World's Largest Frying Pan along with the World's best inlaws in Rose Hill. ;)

The ladies...

PutPut! (No child was actually hurt in the taking of this Photo. )


It was so good to be with family for a little bit! It only made me more excited for this upcoming weekend....

3. Donald-Mathis-Salmon Family Vacation - Wha What!??!?! Yes, that's right. Me and the mister + my bro and sis-in-law + my awesome nephews + my parents + sis-in-law's parents + the beach = a fabulous time.

There will be pictures. There will be food. There will be fun. Saturday come quickly!

4. Lots and Lots and Lots of Reading/Studying for school. But I'm leaving the schoolbooks at home this weekend and am trading them for some good reads. Any suggestions? I've already read Little Bee, The Hunger Games, & the Help (which seem to be the top 3 suggestions I'm getting from others... and if you haven't read them these NEED to be on your list!), so what are some others I can take to the beach with me?

Alright... that's what's up with me... Sorry I've been distant. ;) I'll work on it.

Looking forward to catching up on all of your blogs...

Much love.

Posted on October 12, 2011 and filed under Ordinary Life.