A giggling video

Well, just in case you wondered... I survived my stint at the fair - and then I ate my little heart out. Deep friend milky way for lunch? yes please.  I may or may not have had a bite of another deep fried candy bar after dinner as well (and a pretzel, and a bite of corn, and a bite of an elephant ear, and a lemonade...). But who's counting? On Saturday - post fair food recovery (a really long run) - the mister and I hopped in our car and road tripped it to Hilton Head to see my family and my sweet nephews. Seriously, my nephews are the best. And just in case you wondered just how amazing they are... here's a video my pa and I took. I'm using his bc my phone is just not as clear as his. Anywho... just listen to these giggles and then try to tell me that my nephews aren't amazing... It's just not possible.


I hope that made you smile... It makes me smile EVERY time.

Also, yes you are looking at two future Florida Gator football players. You can say that you first heard them laugh on my blog.

Hope you have a lovely day - A doting Aunt B

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