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Alright - as promised here are TWO recipes that I tried over break that now I can't live without.

Like everyone else in the world, it's a new year and although I'm not making any resolutions, I would like to try to eat better. So I've been hunting on Pinterest for a few new recipes that could be healthy snacks. So I found one, and then created another.

When I was on vacation this fall with my family, my brother's MIL, Pam, made some fantastic homemade granola bars. They were packed full of nutrients and had less sugar than the bars you'll buy in store. So since then I've been on the hunt for a good recipe & I found one!

Homemade cliff bars from Enlightened Cooking!!

So I immediately jotted down the recipe - made a few personal alterations and headed to Whole Foods for a fun trip.  (Side note: while there I did pick up 6 boxes for Fruit Rope... don't judge me. They were on sale 2/$5.  Glory.)

(don't judge the diet dr. pepper in the background - this is what gets me through my classes).

Seriously, this is the easiest recipe ever. You simply mix it together, stick it in the fridge for a few hours, then cut it up and wrap it in foil.  Check out the recipe and give it a try! They're great for an on the go snack and it's great knowing all the nutrients that you are getting!

Ok the second recipe was my own little concoction. The Mister got a hand press juicer which means that I've been LOVING having fresh juice in the morning. So the other day I got back from the gym and wanted a smoothie, but didn't feel like going out so I rummaged through my fridge/freezer to see what I could make.

So I found a grapefruit and an orange in the fridge.  And then I found frozen blueberries from Uncle Willy's blueberry farm & some frozen strawberries. So... Since I already had some frozen items, I didn't need ice! :)

So I pressed the orange and grapefruit...

I tossed approximately 1 cup of blueberries, 1 c. of strawberries, and the juice from the fruit in a blender...  No yogurt, no extra sugar, straight fruit. Since then I've added spinach, flaxseed, etc., but used frozen fruit for the "ice."  But the original 4 fruit smoothie is my go to if I'm in a hurry or just want something fruity.

And Voila...

 Fruity, tangy, yummy goodness in a cup. The mister tried it and he likes things sweeter (not tangy) so for his, I added banana to take off the tang. But for me - no way. Give me tang.

So those are now two staples in the Salmon house - in fact I'm making another batch of homemade cliff bars this afternoon before class.

Hope you enjoy these!

Much Love,

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