I've realized that I break down the year into three seasons of time: Jan-April = Winter/New Year/Spring

May-Aug = Summer

Sept-Dec = Fall/Holidays.

I categorize them this way because at the beginning of these "seasons," I usually spend a little time reflecting on what's coming up, what needs to get done, and personal growth. This isn't like an appointment I have with myself, it just seems to happen naturally over a period of weeks during the start of a new "season." Anyways, as I've been reflecting this month I realized that I'm not great at prioritizing. Actually, that's not true. I'm great at making priorities, the problem is that some of my priorities are in conflict with other priorities in my life.

Let me explain -

One great example is running. I really like to exercise and stay fit and that is one item that always is on my "list" of priorities, but it seems that other priorities seem to trump that in the heat of the moment. For example, I'll make a plan to exercise at night once I'm done with classes - but then The Mister comes home from work (and he is also a priority ;)) and I really want to hang out with him, eat a nice meal, & rest before I have to go to bed and get up and do it all over again. So he comes home, one thing leads to another and my Garmin watch and shoes are left lonely. One thing is certain, I ran a heck of a lot more before the Mister came into my life. That is a fact. :)

Or another example is accomplishing my school work thoroughly. I'm great at turning in assignments, but making sure that I've thoroughly finished all of the reading is more of the problem. I'll be at a coffee shop studying, & a friend will come in and I prioritize being relational over being a good student and then I end up chatting for the next 2 hrs and my reading gets pushed to the side.

I guess I'm looking ahead at the next few months and am trying to figure out how to accomplish my goals! I just feel like many of them are in conflict with one another and are competing for my attention. Now... I don't have kids - and I realize that all you mothers out there are like "You don't even know what's coming... your life is easy!! Wait til you have goals and muchkins running around competing for your attention!" And I hear you! You're absolutely right - so I really want to master this life lesson now before life gets even more busy!

Anyways, would love to hear your thoughts/suggestions on creating plans/priorities and how you accomplish all of your goals! Hope this new season is a good one for each of you!

Happy Hump Day!

Much love,

ps... Tomorrow I'm heading to KENTUCKY to see my sweet nephews and I can barely wait!!! AHG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at the fun blankets I made for the sweet boys! :) Snuggle time with Crazy Aunt B in T minus 36 hrs!!!


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